Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris

Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris is the third novel in her Southern Crimes series and continues the story of the Hunt family.  This is Michael’s story, the brother they thought that they had buried.  Now that his cover is blown he is not sure how he will escape alive.  While he is beaten and waiting for the cartel to finish him off, he is rescued by an unlikely duo: the top boss of the drug cartels grown children.  Now running for their lives, secrets are going to come to light and in whom they should put their trust is anybody’s guess.  This was a fast paced action packed joy of a ride.  Putting me in mind of some of my favorite cop shows, Lisa Harris delivers a story that wraps up a trilogy and all the question marks of the previous books.  I really enjoyed the theme of second chances.  One of my favorite quotes was stated by Michael himself when he said he felt like Lazarus back from the dead and the prodigal son rolled up in one.  Not only is this story action packed but we are also witness to the love story that develops between Michael and Olivia (the daughter of the drug lord).  Theirs is a rocky road of constant hiding and danger around every corner.  I really enjoyed this series and I am pleased with the resolutions.  I want to thank Revell for my review copy.  The opinions are my own.

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