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My Thoughts and More on When the Flames Ravaged by Rhonda Dragomir


About the Book

Book: When the Flames Ravaged

Author: Rhonda Dragomir

Genre: Christian / Historical / Romance

Release Date: March, 2024

Will Faith Perish in the Big Top’s Flames?

Introducing a new series of 6 exciting novels featuring historic disasters that transformed landscapes and multiple lives. Whether by nature or by man, these disasters changed history and were a day to be remembered.

Evelyn Benson’s husband perished in the Bataan Death March but not her faith. The World War II Gold Star widow is taken in by her brother and soothed by the love of his wife and children. Evelyn refuses to cower to grief. She may not understand God’s mysterious ways, but she has never questioned Him—until the circus fire.

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus train chugs into Hartford, Connecticut, on a sweltering day one month after the Allies invaded Normandy. Among the roustabouts is a reluctant clown, Hank Webb. He may hide from his murky past behind grease paint as Fraidy Freddie, but God wants to offer Hank a chance to be found. Though first, what little Hank believes about God will endure a fiery trial.

On Thursday, July 6, 1944, a devasting blaze of unknown origins consumes the circus tent along with Evelyn’s hopes and Hank’s anonymity.


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My Thoughts:

This is the second in the series A Day to Remember which takes past historical disasters and remembers them with a fictional story penned about them. This was no less heartbreaking than the first, and these stories are really complemented with the author's notes concerning the tragedies.

This particular event took place on July 6, 1944, when the Ringlings Brother and Barnum and Bailey circus tent caught on fire. This was an event I never knew about, so it was eye opening to say the least, and just really grounds my dislike of being around crowds. Anyway, this is a story that focuses on Evelyn a young widow who had been taken in by her brother, his wife, and their two young children for a new start. All of them, except for her, were at the circus that day. When the tragedy strikes, she must decide to either rely on her already fragile faith or break into a million pieces.

Hank Webb is one of the clowns at the circus. He only took up the job so that he could run away from the life he loved, but one that he believes he can never go back to. He notices Evelyn at her job waitressing and became infatuated with her. He never thought they would officially meat under the unbelievable circumstances that brings them together. And he is hiding a lot more from her than his past.

I really appreciated the author's notes especially concerning some of the circumstances that later developed in the days after the fire. The author has done her research and answered some of the questions that I had. This is a tragic read, with hope, but I think it is good we remember these events.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Author

Rhonda Dragomir is a multimedia creative who treasures her fairy tale life in Central Kentucky, insisting her home is her castle even if her prince refuses to dig a moat. She has multiple published works in anthologies and periodicals, along with numerous Bible studies studied weekly by more than 10,000 women around the world. Rhonda has garnered numerous writing awards for both fiction and nonfiction, including her selection as 2019 Writer of the Year by Serious Writer, Inc. In 2020 she was also a finalist in ACFW’s Genesis Contest for her first novel, a 16th century historical romance.



More from Rhonda

The heroine’s last living family members are struck down in a tragic fire. Will she crumble? Will she tumble into bitterness? Will she forsake her faith? We view life through her eyes and wonder, “What would I do?”

The best fiction sails the vast sea of human experiences and explores how we survive when storms roil the waters. Triumph, tragedy, victories, valleys—though we have not lived through the exact events as the characters, we feel the same elation on the crests and despair in the troughs of the waves.

This is why I love to write historical fiction, especially romance. I interweave my own thoughts and feelings with those of my characters. My words become theirs, and their responses mirror my own as I fight to keep my head above water.

I spent dozens of hours researching When the Flames Ravaged, the story of a horrific circus fire in Hartford, Connecticut on July 6, 1944. I gasped, I wept, and I marveled at the courage of rescuers who sacrificed their own lives to save others. True, live-or-die battles fueled my imagination, and composite characters leaped to life.

At one point, my hero dives into dark water, grasping with frail human understanding to comprehend the scope of the disaster. He decides good and evil are locked in an everlasting struggle, and humans are mere pawns stuck in the middle. Then he asks, “What is the use of serving God if He won’t protect you?”

Who has never asked the same thing when tragedy strikes? Pat answers and platitudes won’t suffice. Only a personal quest to discover an acceptable answer to this age-old question will help us find peace in the midst of the churning sea of doubt.

I hope my novel will toss a live preserver to everyone treading water.

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My Thoughts and More on Squirrels in Antarctica by Sari Karplus Illustrated by Todd Wilkerson



Book Details:
Book Title:  Squirrels in Antarctica by Sari Karplus
Category:  Children's Fiction (Ages 3-7), 34 pages
Genre:  Children's Picture Book
Publisher:  Tip Top Story Shop
Release date:   Mar 2024
Content Rating:  G.  Suitable for everyone.
Book Description:

This fantastical book of animals in unusual places will tickle your brain, leading readers of all ages imagining their own silly combos. You'll see a skiing seal in Switzerland, a pufferfish piloting an airplane, a sloth who runs a marathon (but isn't ever done), and so much more! With fun illustrations and an educational twist, this book encourages readers to embrace their limitless imagination, explore the world, and experience animals big and small in their not-so-natural habitats. Perfect for bedtime reading or as a classroom favorite, Squirrels in Antarctica sparks boundless imagination. So, come along on this epic journey and "Let your thoughts fly limitless like snails on shooting stars." Is it a book? Is it a word game? Can it be both?!
Buy the Book:
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Meet the Author:

Sari Karplus got her storytelling start as a comedian and filmmaker in Los Angeles. But when an improvised bedtime story to her three young children inspired her first kids' book, she officially joined the ranks of the book writing world. Sari loves to create stories with fun journeys and teachable moments... with a healthy side of humor. Sari has written all 3 books of the Robotastic! series. "Sari" rhymes with "Mary." Sari loves rhyming.

connect with author: website ~ instagram 

Enter the Giveaway:

Squirrels in Antarctica by Sari Karplus Book Tour Giveaway

My Thoughts:

This was a fun word game full of animals in crazy situations doing silly things. The title is just the beginning of this engaging read that I think most children would be enchanted with this book.

While reading you never know until you turn the page just how silly these little animal rhymes are going to be. Be careful to take in all the delightful art as well, you might just find some funny stuff to add to the silliness and lightheartedness of this book.

I really enjoyed this story and think it will be one that will be a child's favorite to read over and over again. There is just something catchy to it and not only that but a kid or an adult can continue the fun with other animals. They even give you a starter line which I happily finished with a pretty good rhyme myself. This is a fun book.

I was provided a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

My Thoughts on Cowboy Justice by P. Creeden



He lived and breathed the Texas Ranger code – until one woman’s siren song called him to turn renegade and gamble all he had for a future with her.

When Phineas Stockton leaves Boston where he was training for the Pinkerton Detective Agency, he returns to his hometown in San Marcos, Texas to find his brother has married and his mother has moved to a ranch of all places. But determined to make it on his own, he turns to his uncle and the Texas Rangers.

While in training, he has a perilous encounter with the leader of the notorious Deadwood Gang, which forces him to make tough decisions. Phineas’s quest for justice transforms into a trial by fire when he crosses paths with Charlotte Cody, forcing the stoic Texas Ranger to balance the Code of the West with the yearnings of his heart. Driven by his steadfast morals, Phineas pursues frontier justice, willing to risk it all for honor and love. But Charlotte has a past that could threaten their future together. Will their budding romance survive the harsh realities of the Code of the West? Or will vengeance and violence sabotage their chance at happiness?

Their devotion is tested through gripping adventures and perilous twists of fate.

Purchase Link –
Series: A Sutton Brothers Texas Rangers Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2024
Genre: Christian Historical Western Romance

My Thoughts:

What happens when two lonely hearts meet one another? Well just possibly true love, until an unbelievable twist threatens to upturn everything.

We really get to know the characters, Phineas Stockton and Charlotte Cody, before they even meet. Phineas has come back home to Texas at his mother's request after studying in Boston. He really wanted to become a Pinkerton Agent, but that hasn't panned out. What he does do is head up to his uncle's ranch and begins training to be a Texas Ranger. Along that chosen path he finds much danger, not just to him but for a lot of people.

Charlotte Cody has taken over her father's veterinarian practice after his death. She works on a ranch of a Don and his young socialite wife, who seems a bit too jealous of Charlotte and makes life mighty difficult for her. However, everything is about to change when she meets an injured Phineas. As they grow closer, neither is prepared for the bombshell truths that will turn their lives upside down.

If you enjoy good old fashion romance and lots of old west action with a bit of mystery, this is a read for you.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

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My Thoughts and More on An Uncertain Road by Abbey Downey


About the Book


Book: An Uncertain Road

Author: Abbey Downey

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: February 27, 2024

A female auto racer, and mechanic determined to walk away from the sport, and the race of a lifetime… 

When young widow Flora Montfort returns to America, she’s determined to use her training in auto racing to support herself and her French mother-in-law—even if female drivers are rare in 1905. So when the owner of a successful sporting goods store hires her to drive in the Glidden Tour, a ten-day race through New England, she jumps at the opportunity.   

Jensen Gable must be convinced that joining the team as the ride-along mechanic is worth the risk. After losing his best friend in a tragic racing accident, Jensen has vowed never to participate in the sport again. But his promise to protect that friend’s younger brother, also on the tour, is the only thing that outweighs his fear of the dangers. 

As they race through New England, Flora and Jensen find common ground that ignites their interest in each other, but doubts and old enemies come between them. Hazardous road conditions, meddling locals, and competitors who’ll stop at nothing to win—they all conspire to prevent Flora and Jensen from reaching the finish line. As the race of a lifetime heats up, one question rises above all others…can their love find the road that leads to forever?


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My Thoughts:

The year is 1905 and cars and racing cars is a new and fascinating invention and sport.  Not everyone loved cars, but some, and rightly so saw them as the future as transportation. This was a very interesting read of the early 1900's and the role automobiles had on the public and as auto racing became a new sport. It was also a time when women were not really wanted to and sometimes just not allowed to play in sports.

Widow Flora Montfort has now come back to her home, the United States, with her mother-in-law for her brother's upcoming wedding but also hoping there will be more opportunities for her to start a career in a field that she loves after the death of her husband left them both destitute. And just what does she love? Racing cars. But will she be any more accepted in that role here in the USA than she was in Europe?

Jensen Gable, a brilliant mechanic, wishes autos would just disappear. He is going about a job he neither cares about or is good at just to stay away from his true calling. Until he is asked to become the mechanic for the racing team of his late best friend's family store. How can he say no to that when he owes them so much? How can he say yes when he is keeping secrets about their son's death from them? Anyway, things get much more interesting when Flora, a woman, is asked to be the driver. A woman who exasperates and fascinates him at the same time.

This was a fun historical read about racing cars, women in sports, and a lovely romance between two people who either want to fight or kiss. A great start to a new series and a new to me author.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Author

Abbey Downey started writing inspirational romance stories during naptime when her kids were babies and found she couldn’t stop. She previously published two books with Love Inspired Historical under the pen name Mollie Campbell. She also works with Spark Flash Fiction producing a quarterly digital magazine that contains love stories under 1000 words.

A life-long Midwestern girl, Abbey lives in central Indiana with her husband, two kids, and one rather enthusiastic beagle. She loves watching her kids play sports and fixing up a 1900 farmhouse with her husband.



More from Abbey

It started as a deep dive into the history of women in sports.

While we don’t immediately think of women when we consider the origins of sports and exploration, time and again my research revealed stand-out women participating in the early days of every sport and making history in adventurous endeavors. Females were later barred from these activities by a culture that saw them as fragile, but for those first years, the women who were tenacious enough to try succeeded right alongside the men.

So I set out to bring to life heroines that shined in some of my favorite historical sports and activities. In An Uncertain Road, the heroine, Flora Montfort, was inspired by real-life female race car driver Joan Newton Cuneo. In the early 1900s, Joan was a strong advocate for road safety and women learning to drive. She fought hard for her right to race, just like Flora does.

Jensen Gable is the reluctant ride-along mechanic for Flora’s racing team. He wants to protect those he cares about, even if that leads him to make some wrong choices in the name of their safety. He’s a little grumpy and a lot wounded, but Flora’s presence in his life helps him learn to heal—and smile again.

One of many things I love about writing historical novels is weaving in delightful tidbits that come up in my research. In An Uncertain Road, a fascinating historical detail is before the Glidden Tour begins, when the group visits Coney Island for a day. There’s some fun flirting—over a piece of green cheese in a moon-themed amusement ride.

I also enjoyed getting to research and use real historic locations in this story. My favorite place the team visits is the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where the 1905 Glidden Tour stopped for a mid-tour break. It’s still in use today and is stunning, surrounded by mountains and beautifully restored.

But I’d have to say my favorite moment in the book is a nod to my favorite TV show. Yes, I worked a reference to The Office into a historical novel. Let me know if you find it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Flora and Jensen’s story!

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My Thoughts and More on Luck of the Irish Cozy Mystery Anthology by Cozy Authors


About the Book

Book: Luck of the Irish Cozy Mystery Anthology

Authors: Kate Darroch, Jessica Thompson, Kathleen Kalb, C A Phipps, Amy Grundy, J R Lancaster, Jaclyn Weist, Jessica Brimer, K Rose, and W Jenkins

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release Date: March 17, 2024

A fabulous collection of Cozy Mysteries from your Favorite Cozy Authors - published on St Pat’s Day, so they ALL feature The Luck of the Irish. ALL PROCEEDS go to help children living in ghastly conditions in internment camps.



Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts:

This is an anthology of ten Irish cozy mysteries all by different authors. I have not read any of these authors before, so this was a nice way to meet new authors and get a taste of their writing style. These stories take place in a variety of locations and time periods- all of them including the future. What they have in common is that they are cozy mysteries with an Irish theme whether it is theft, murder, or both.

Some of them were quite interesting, some were a little different. I really enjoyed the shortness of the stories. Getting a whole mystery solved in just about twenty minutes or so was nice as sometimes that is all I can fit into reading. The whole book being about the Irish, some of their dialect and customs, was another bonus. I think many readers will find something to enjoy here including recipes from the authors and information on the charity this book supports.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own. 

About the Authors

Living on the picturesque Devon coastline, Kate combines her passion for cozy sleuths and her experiences living in many countries to create compelling Travel Cozies.

Màiri Maguire, a Scots Irish schoolteacher from 1970s Glasgow, the heroine of Kate’s debut novel, Death in Paris, has earned Kate many international book awards, including Incipere’s Best Christian Fiction 2022, consolidating her reputation as a notable author.

Kate hopes her readers will enjoy Màiri’s adventures as much as she enjoys Father Brown, Sherlock Holmes, and that old movie, the Perils of Pauline.

Next, Kate created Huntingdon Hart Investigates. Hunt is a dryly witty, prescient, tongue-in-cheek combo of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, who’s in endless pursuit of a much older woman.

Kate’s most recent opus is the Christian Second Chance for Lasting Love series, Sweets By the Sea, a depth saga of Recovery and Redemption which her readers insist is even more adorable than her Cozy Mysteries. The first book in the series is Thanksgiving in Welcombe Baywhich has been rapturously received by Readers Favorite’s critics.

Jessica Thompson is the award-winning author of the Amazon best-selling mystery novels “A Caterer’s Guide to Holidays and Homicide” and “A Caterer’s Guide to Love and Murder”. Her latest novel, “Shoot Shovel and Shut Up,” is a classic mystery that won second place in the Firebird Awards. Jessica’s “Beyond the Woods: A Supernatural Anthology” is a family-friendly collection of her own campfire stories. Jessica is also Assistant Finance Chair for the Storymakers Guild.

More from Kate

Recipe for Irish Stew and an introduction to the book and why my fellow authors and I created it.

The Luck of the Irish: a Cozy Mystery Anthology from 10 Cozy Authors

Editors:  Kate Darroch and Jessica Thompson

You will love this Cozy Mystery anthology crammed with Cozy Mysteries from 10 Cozy authors

Renowned, like Kathleen Marple Karb, and New, like J R Lancaster


Let’s start our St Pat’s Day Celebrations the right way, with delicious things to eat and drink! Food for the body.

Irish Stew

A Royal Chef cooked this yummy Irish Stew Recipe at Sandringham House

Learn his delicious, although not strictly traditional, Irish stew recipe – and surprise your loved ones with a dish fit for a King!

Darren McGrady

Continuing our St Pat’s Day Celebrations, the right way, with Fascinating Mysteries full of Luck! Food for the mind.

The title says it all! Ten Cozy Mysteries from beloved Cozy Authors to give you food for the mind throughout the celebrations!

And winding up our St Pat’s Day Celebrations the right way, with a thought for those less fortunate… Food for the soul.

Why did 10 Authors get together to give you this super collection of Cozy Mysteries? Because we were aghast at the plight of children in border internment camps. We funded all costs of publication. 100% of all book sales proceeds goes to RAICES

Help these kids in dire need. And have fun reading Cozy Mysteries at the same time.

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My Thoughts and More on If the Boot Fits by Karen Witemeyer


About the Book

Book: If the Boot Fits

Author: Karen Witemeyer

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: March 12, 2024

One fateful night will change their destinies forever. . . .

Convinced that his stepmother and half brothers have been wrongfully evicted by cattle king Eli Dearing, Asher Ellis uses the cover of an extravagant ball to break into the Three Cedars’ ranch house to search for proof. On the verge of discovery, he flees, but a boy’s cry compels him to make a daring rescue.

Spunky and independent Samantha Dearing balks when she learns the ball her father is hosting is nothing more than a matrimonial ambush. Taking a break from unwanted suitors, Samantha spots a thief fleeing her home. When the stranger ends up saving her brother’s life, she hides the only clue to his identity left behind–his boot–and resolves to find him herself.

When Samantha encounters the older brother of a student she tutors, all thoughts of the bootless mystery man vanish. Asher values family above wealth, a rare trait that opens her heart. Afraid she will discover his past misconduct, Asher tries to keep his distance, but when a series of suspicious accidents befall her, he vows to protect her, even though saving her life could mean losing her love.


Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts:

This is the second book in the Texas Ever After series, which takes a Western story and gives it a fairytale spin. This is the first one I have read, and as you can guess, it is a type of Cinderella retelling, with a twist.

Asher has come back home to his family in hopes of helping them more in person and finding out why they were evicted from their home in the first place. He goes about it in an interesting way which begins the fateful changes of his life and those of the cattle ranch siblings, one being Samantha Dearing. The same Dearing family whose father evicted his family.

Samantha has also come back home after being away in the East at a boarding school. She has come back to her beloved Texas and a big hole in the relationship with her father. Reading this part of the story made me a bit teary eyed as Samantha would love nothing better than to have a loving daughter and father relationship. But is everything she assumes, correct? Within this tale is also a tale of family love, too.

I really enjoyed noticing all the fairytale aspects the author included in the story. I wondered how a western themed fairytale would unfold, and this one was a fun one. Also, it is an author Witemeyer story so her storytelling that I enjoy so much shines through this wonderfully and cleverly told tale of true love.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Author

Voted #1 Reader’s Favorite Christian Historical Author of 2023 by Family Fiction magazine, bestselling and Carol and Christy Award-winning author Karen Witemeyer offers warmhearted historical romance with a flair for humor, feisty heroines, and swoon-worthy Texas heroes. She and her husband make their home in Abilene, Texas.





More from Karen

Character Names and Word Games

One of my favorite parts of writing any book is finding the perfect names for my characters. Names are so important. They carry meaning and expectation. They add historical flavor and help create a picture in the reader’s mind about who that character is. They can also add hidden joy to a story for me as the author that may or may not be realized by the reader.

If the Boot Fits was inspired by the classic fairy tale, Cinderella. I give it a fresh western twist and mixed up the plot a bit, but it was important to me to fill this tale with subtle nods to the version I loved as a child. One of the main ways I did this was through the naming of my characters.

I worked hard to create names that would harken back to the original while still carrying meaning of their own. Instead of Cinderella, we have a hero named Asher Ellis—Ash being a synonym of Cinder, and Ellis playing off of Ella. For our heroine, I wanted something to play on the “charming” motif without being too on-the-nose. I ended up selecting Samantha Dearing—Dearing like endearing or charming. Samantha is the feminine version of Samuel which comes into play in the story since her father’s name is Eli. The three key older ladies of the story all of names inspired by royalty, as befits a fairy tale—Regina, Elizabeth, and Victoria. Asher’s step brothers are named Jonathan and Fergus. However, Jonathan goes by Jack, giving a nod to the mice from Disney’s Cinderella, Jaq and Gus. Asher’s horse is named Bruno in honor of the dog who saved Cinderella from the tower room. We have a cattle king with a foreman named Duke as well. Whether readers catch all of these nods or not, they made me as the author smile while writing the story.

Here’s another way to have fun with names and other key story elements. I’ve created a word search for you to enjoy. Have fun!

Click here to play.




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My Thoughts and More on Trapped in Yosemite by Dana Mentink


About the Book

Book: Trapped in Yosemite

Author: Dana Mentink

Genre: Christian Fiction

Release Date: February 27, 2024

When a massive earthquake levels the region, secrets and unknown dangers are exposed…

The ground in still-icy Yosemite National Park isn’t stable, and K-9 handler Von Sharpe fears the worst. But his worries are pushed aside when he sees an SUV viciously forced off the road…with his ex-fiancée at the wheel. It’s only when Stella Rivers steps out of the vehicle that the very ground under their feet cracks and breaks with the onslaught of a terrifying earthquake.

When her meeting with a mysterious client is ambushed, Stella witnesses the man being gunned down by a sniper and becomes a target herself. With the threat of aftershocks triggering landslides and floods, the new mom has no choice but to run to save her baby girl—even if it means teaming up with the man who has no idea he fathered her child.

Trapped in a dangerously unstable wilderness with a killer closing in, Von and Stella are running out of time to get to safety. And every fissure reveals a new secret that will shake them to their foundation…


Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts:

Trapped in Yosemite is an action-packed thriller where there is an awful lot happening to these characters. The characters are trying to survive a murderer, a major earthquake, and a blizzard slowly approaching as bullets are flying and the earth keeps shaking.

Stella is just now getting back on her feet when a visit with a client turns into something more than she planned. Now she is running for her life, until she is saved by her ex-fiancé, Von Sharpe a K-9 handler who unknowingly is the father to Stella's baby. Well, Stella has a real dilemma now since she never told Von about the baby. We see the pieces of their history begin to emerge, and it is heartbreaking. Not only that but the personal tragic drama that Stella went through brought her to her knees and continues to affect her. 

Von, dealing with issues of his own, has a real battle now for his past choices and how he wants to live the rest of his life. Can he let go of the guilt from his past and embrace a family, or is he too angry and bitter?

We also get to know Bear, Von's dog who was a wonderful protective character all his own. I stayed up very late reading this story. I was that invested in it, and I just needed to see how this played out. Many secrets were uncovered.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Author

Dana Mentink is a USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author as well as a two-time American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award winner, and the recipient of a Holt Medallion. She’s written over fifty titles in the suspense, lighthearted romance and mystery genres. She is pleased to write for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense and Poisoned Pen Press.




More from Dana

I won’t ever forget October 17th, 1989. I was finished with my student teaching duties, chatting with my mother while we watched the World Series. It was an epic matchup of two Bay Area teams. As we watched, the floor lurched and the entire house began to rattle and pitch. We ran outside and watched the street undulate like ocean waves. We’d later come to learn it was a 6.9 earthquake on the Loma Prieta fault. The shaking only lasted 20 seconds but 63 people were killed, 3,757 were reported injured and 12,053 displaced. The damage estimates reached as high as $10 billion, with 18,306 houses leveled. Approximately 2,575 businesses were impacted and 147 were destroyed. The part I will remember most was the collapse of a section of the freeway in Oakland which trapped people in the pancaked structure. I remember watching the close space rescue teams work night and day to find survivors.

Little did I know that memorable event would someday lead to a book! This novel combines the iconic California setting of Yosemite and the big fear buried deep in every California’s mind…the big one, the massive earthquake we know will be coming someday. Of course you know there will be a happy ending in the novel, but I hope you will feel the edge of your seat suspense that keeps you turning pages. God bless you, dear readers!

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My Thoughts and More on Call to Embrace by Maryann Landers



About the Book

Book: Call to Embrace

Author: Maryann Landers

Genre: Christian Women’s Fiction

Release Date: November 1, 2023

She’s detached in a stormy marriage because of both of their unfaithfulness. Now she faces the aftermath of her compromise with an unwanted pregnancy. Will fleeing bring her the freedom she yearns for?

Emily Corentin wants to escape the jagged edges of her brokenness. She believes the only option she has is to take her young daughter, leave her husband, and end the unintended pregnancy with an abortion. But her plans take an unexpected turn when the homeless shelter she finds is not the type of help she wanted. She’d buried religion years ago with the death of her Gran. Any God-fearing place will only confirm how much God abandoned her.

An offer from a shelter volunteer may be the lifeline she and her daughter need, but Emily only sees it as a means to an end. The unlikely friendship that follows, draws her closer to the answers she may have carried with her all along. But rash decisions bring new challenges that drag her further into a sea of helplessness.

When all hope is lost in despair will she be washed away by the patterns of her past? Or will she answer the call to embrace the mercy of the cross and in turn bring reconciliation to her marriage?


Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts:

Call to Embrace is a story about a broken marriage and broken people and shows that no matter what, God can fix that brokenness, if we let Him.

Emily and her husband Eric's marriage is for the most part over. They have both been unfaithful, but hers ended with a pregnancy she does not want. She leaves him with her daughter in tow to try and get her life back on track, without Eric really finding out everything. However, that does not happen for Emily so now she is living in limbo with her daughter, whom she has taken away from her father, with a pregnancy she is now going through with.

Along the way she meets several people who help her, befriend her, and love on her. Then the unexpected happens and Eric wants Emily back. But the question is, will he still want her back when he learns the truth.

I found this to be a hard and rewarding story as two people begin to heal and want their marriage to heal as well. The reconciliation will not be easy, but it will be worth it as long as they realize they cannot do this on their own. A beautiful story comes out of unfaithfulness.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own. 

About the Author

Alaskan based author Maryann Landers writes women’s faith filled fiction based on true stories of extraordinary women of her magnificent state. She loves to showcase the unique north and give her readers a little taste of rustic Alaska.

While writing in her log home in the woods she is also looking forward to her next adventure with her Alaskan husband, juggling mom tasks such as crafting homemade meals from moose and caribou meat, building DIY projects from scrap wood piles and guiding her teens in their homeschooling.

Her first novel in the Alaskan Women of Caliber Series; Alaskan Calibration released June 2021.


More from Maryann

Call to Embrace is inspired by a true story of a young mom that I met over 13 years ago as I walked alongside her during a difficult time of her life. A year and a half ago I stood in the Pacific Ocean dip netting for salmon near the mouth of the Kenai River. As the waters tugged at my waders, I remembered the church set on the hill behind me where a cross is always lit as a beacon and I thought there is a story here. With anticipation, I prayed what God wanted me to share. What unfolded is the plot line of my friendship with that young mom set in the stunning geographical area of South-Central Alaska.

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To celebrate her tour, Maryann is giving away the grand prize package of a Alaskan themed gift pack including: one signed copy of the book, a half pint sized jar of canned salmon (caught and canned by the author from the mouth of the Kenai river where the book is set), a cross necklace and a promo code for a free audiobook version of the novel!!

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My Thoughts and More on Mabel and the Little Green Men by Susan Kimmel Wright

  About the Book Book: Mabel and the Little Green Men Author:  Susan Kimmel Wright Genre: Cozy Mystery Release date: October 5, 2023 The la...