Saturday, December 29, 2018

Weekend Briefing- Last Minute Resolutions

Welcome back, agents! 2019 is just around the corner, so here is a countdown to encourage you all some last minute things you can do for the agency.

(The Three Amigos: Hi, everyone, don't worry about any external hackers breaking into this transmission. It's just us- Agents Hunter, Joseph, and Tim from The Dystopian Takeover mission. We thought we would help counteract some of Mission Head's bossiness with a little leaking of her own personal new year's resolutions. Just be sure to keep it to yourselves, because she's not tech-savvy to ever find out otherwise)

Five blogs to follow

All agents are encouraged to check out these five blogs:
(The Three Amigos: Okay, here is the first part of Mission Head's New Year's Resolutions. Get into optimal combat shape. Maintain optimal combat shape. Um, I think someone is in denial. Guess that's part of the whole 'even their secrets have secrets' thing).

Four days left

Only four days left until the New Year- and that means only four days left to pre-order Mind of Darkness and send a conformation email to for a free PDF copy of "Codename Christmas Carol" that won't otherwise release until December 2019.

(The Three Amigos: Okay, here are the next few items on the list. Get on top of the Maintenance crews to declutter and on top of the financial agents to tighten the budged. Agent education will be a priority. Okay, so that was boring, but let's keep scrolling down...)

Three Books to buy

Only a few days left for all the profit from the Kristian Clark saga to be donated to Human Coalition
in time for it to be matched.

(The Three Amigos: Boy, get a look at this one. Release eight case files to the public, including novels, short stories, and anthologies. Also, consider expanding the agency into its own blog. Well, someone is an optimist)

Two free books to read

Well, there are more actually, on the agency's Wattpad account, but today we're spotlighting the serially running Fists of Injustice and recently completely released Marina Ivanov, PI.

(The Three Amigos: Oh, here's something interesting. Attend at least one party. No, wait, that one's actually a little too much information. I feel like we went too far there. Please, everyone, try not to act too strange around Mission Head and give us away).

One awesome free book to download!

Which one is it, you ask? Get ready for it-

Winter Cursed by Nicki Chapelway!!! It goes for up for free starting January 1 through January 5, so be sure to download your very own copy of this beautiful Snow White retelling!

(The Three Amigos: And for the last one- hey, wait a moment... Properly apprehending and punishing Agents Villain Hunter, Jones, and Nelson for illegal inter-agency hacking and leaking of level 10 secrets. I'm not stupid, boys. No, just no good at parties, apparently. Well, carry on, everyone; we have to go on the run again. Hopefully another global crisis will arrive and we can be all heroic and clear our names. Until then, hasta la vista!)

Well, you heard three of the Agency's Most Wanted- that's all for now. Try not to do anything that might get you brain-wiped, or on the Agency's Most Wanted (like aiding and abetting any of 'the three amigos' or offering to throw Mission Head a pity party to meet her resolution). Until next week- or sooner, if we can successfully capture the hackers and have to call a court martialing, Ciao and happy new year!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Review: God Counts Numbers in His Word and His World by Irene Sun

To Purchase


In this engaging, illustrated children’s book by Irene Sun, young readers learn how numbers declare the glory of God, discovering Bible stories and the truth, beauty, and goodness of our sovereign God through numbers and patterns. With countable illustrations and an easy-to-learn structure, children who are always seeking, finding, tracing, and counting numbers will be captivated by God Counts: Numbers in His Word and His World.

Through simple language kids will understand, God Counts shares theological truths and helps children become familiar with Scripture, exploring the patterns of creation, numbers in the plan of redemption, and the intimacy of a personal relationship with God. This children’s book explores how God counts every fish in the sea, every star in the sky, every hair on their heads, and every tear in their eyes.

By discovering numbers in God’s world and in his Word, parents help their children foster a deeper love and knowledge of who God is and how he counts them as his. Families will be enriched as they learn together how numbers magnify God—just as a telescope magnifies the stars—and each numbered lesson points to a larger redemptive story of Scripture. On each page, the illustrations engage readers, displaying not only a picture but a mosaic of patterns. 

This playful children’s book serves as a beginner’s theology book for young readers who love numbers and patterns, introducing the Trinity, the God of order, the holiness of God, the problem of sin, the rescue and love of Jesus, and much more. Children who love to count will be filled with wonder, leading them to understand deeper truths about God, themselves, and the world around them.

My Thoughts:

God Counts Numbers in His Word and His World is a beautifully illustrated storybook and the message within is even more so. I know God likes numbers and I really appreciated how this book takes the numbers from 1-12 and gives us a simple message which includes Bible verses and their references. After the number twelve, the author tackles infinity and delivers a meaningful Gospel message that even the young at heart can comprehend.

This was another great children’s book by New Growth Press that delivers a heartfelt and most important story to kids of all ages. Written towards the younger crowd especially, this is a nice neat book to share with preschoolers.

I received a copy of this book from the publishers. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

Review: Buster's Ears Trip Him Up by Edward T. Welch and Illustrator Joe Hox

To Purchase


Buster was sure he was the fastest bunny in the meadow. But during a race at summer camp, nothing goes as planned and Buster gets tripped up. After his epic fall, his older sister, Ivy, helps him see that failure is an opportunity to grow. As Buster remembers God’s love, he is able to let go of others’ opinions and accept that it is okay to try your best but not always be the best. Edited by Edward T. Welch, Buster’s Ears Trip Him Up: When You Fail ends with a special section that guides parents in teaching children how the gospel of Jesus Christ comforts and sustains us through failure and turns our focus away from ourselves and toward others. Also included is a tear-out page of Back Pocket Bible Verses that will remind children and adults of God’s love and help for those who get tripped up.

My Thoughts:

Continuing in the series of Good News for Little Hearts, Buster’s Ears Trip Him Up takes a look at pride and our failures. It also explains the difference of being the best as to doing our best. As with the other two books, the artwork is creative, lively, and draws children in yet the message of the text is made in the simplest of terms that even has me looking at these life lessons a little differently.

One of the things that really popped out to me was the phrase, ‘practice makes perfect’. How many times have I said that to myself or to my children? My son and I have enjoyed reading this series together and I am happy that even I could come away with a new thought to ponder.

This series is definitely a shelf keeper.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway: Catching Christmas by Terri Backstock

About the Book

Book: Catching Christmas  
Author: Terri Blackstock  
Genre: Christian Fiction, Romance, Christmas  
Release Date: October 9, 2018  

This Year, Christmas Comes Just in Time As a first-year law associate, Sydney Batson knows she will be updating her resume by New Year’s if she loses her current court case. So when her grandmother gets inexplicably ill while she’s in court, Sydney arranges for a cab to get her to the clinic. 

The last thing cab driver Finn Parrish wants is to be saddled with a wheelchair-bound old lady with dementia. But because Miss Callie reminds him of his own mother, whom he failed miserably in her last days, he can’t say no when she keeps calling him for rides. Once a successful gourmet chef, Finn’s biggest concern now is making his rent, but half the time Callie doesn’t remember to pay him. And as she starts to feel better, she leads him on wild goose chases to find a Christmas date for her granddaughter. 

When Finn meets Sydney, he’s quite sure that she’s never needed help finding a date. Does Miss Callie have an ulterior motive, or is this just a mission driven by delusions? He’s willing to do whatever he can to help fulfill Callie’s Christmas wish. He just never expected to be a vital part of it.

Click here to purchase your copy.

My Thoughts:

Catching Christmas was just the right little Christmas story to read at this time of year when trying to manage the busyness of the season and to still feel the holiday cheer. Author Blackstock takes a situation that is sad and can ultimately be depressing and turns it around to a story filled with hope, love, and a reason to live. This was also a story of second chances, but not quite in the way you might think. 

Filled with subtle humor, bittersweet moments, and the frenzied rush of life and just trying to make a living we get the two alternate viewpoints of Finn the cab driver and Sydney the granddaughter of a woman wheel chair bound and suffering dementia by the name of Miss Callie. Finn unsuspectingly gets drawn in to Miss Callie’s strange requests as he drives her around town to her Dr.’s appointments, social calls that includes matchmaking for her granddaughter, and her Christmas shopping. Finn, so many times wants to walk away from her seemingly craziness but he is in Callie’s words, “a sweet boy” and finds himself unable to leave her on her own. 

Sydney, a lawyer trying to keep her job, her bosses happy, and to win a case that is so ridiculous that even she herself is against her defendant, is really juggling too much, especially when her grandmother needs her care so much more now. 

I really enjoyed this little witty Christmas story of life and love and joy and look forward to a reading it again and again. 

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Author

Terri Blackstock has sold over seven million books worldwide and is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author. She is the award-winning author of Intervention, Vicious Cycle, and Downfall, as well as such series as Cape Refuge, Newpointe 911, the SunCoast Chronicles, and the Restoration Series. Catching Christmas is her first Christmas romance. Visit her website at Facebook: tblackstock Twitter: @terriblackstock

From Terri Blackstock

Enjoy this premium excerpt from Catching Christmas

To get you in the Christmas mood, here’s an early holiday playlist:

“White Christmas” sung by Bing Crosby “I Heard the Bells” sung by MercyMe 

“Light of the World” sung by Lauren Daigle 

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” sung by Amy Grant 

“Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day” sung by Avalon

“Till the Season Comes ‘Round Again” sung by the Katinas

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To celebrate her tour, Terri is giving away a grand prize of a finished copy of Catching Christmas and a Christmas Tree Ornament!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Review: The Lieutenant's Bargain by Regina Jennings

To Purchase

Hattie Walker dreams of becoming a painter, while her parents want her to settle down. As a compromise, they give her two months to head to Denver and place her works in an exhibition or give up the dream forever. Her journey is derailed when a gunman attacks her stagecoach, leaving her to be rescued by a group of Arapaho . . . but she's too terrified to recognize them as friendly.

Confirmed bachelor Lieutenant Jack Hennessey has long worked with the tribe and is tasked with trying to convince them that the mission school at Fort Reno can help their children. When a message arrives about a recovered survivor, Jack heads out to take her home--and plead his case once more.

He's stunned to run into Hattie Walker, the girl who shattered his heart--but quickly realizes he has a chance to impress her. When his plan gets tangled through translation, Jack and Hattie end up in a mess that puts her dreams in peril--and tests Jack's resolve to remain single.

My Thoughts:

I have so been looking forward to Lieutenant Jack Hennessey’s story since getting to know him and his bookish ways in Holding the Fort. Jack has had a long time secret love for a young woman he grew up with in his hometown. So imagine his surprise when he ends up running in to her again out in Indian Territory by herself after a very harrowing ordeal.

Hattie Walker is an artist and a dreamer. Her dream is to make a name for herself with her artwork. However her parents see things quite differently. They would like for her to marry and settle down. Hattie is not against marriage exactly, she just cannot find the right man to interest her. So she decides to take her parents offer of two months to go to Denver by herself, put her art work in an exhibition, and then come back home to marry and settle down. Hattie is desperate for her artwork to be exhibited but unfortunately finds herself in a dangerous situation and lost on the prairie. After being taken in by the Arapaho tribe, Hattie finds herself being rescued by none other than Jack Hennessey.

After a series of misunderstandings and humorous mishaps, Jack and Hattie find themselves in quite a predicament, one that neither planned and it will certainly bear some consequences. I don’t want to say anything else as I was quite surprised at the turn this book took and I enjoyed it immensely.
This was at times a humorous and heartwarming story of two people who learn to see each other for who they really are and then must decide if love is worth the risk of a different future and dreams than otherwise planned. This is Jack and Hattie’s enjoyable and re-readable love story.

I was provided a copy of this story by Bethany House. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

Review: The Dad Next Door by Stephanie Dees


A Place to Call Home 

To Purchase
Lawman Joe Sheehan is desperate to bond with the daughter he's just discovered he has. But as a virtual stranger to twelve-year-old Amelia, the task seems impossible. Until Claire Conley moves to town. A social worker renovating a mansion into a foster home, Claire is the first person to get through to Amelia. Falling for the single dad was not on Claire's to-do list. But with Joe and Amelia around, the house finally starts to feel like home. Claire's ready to fight to convince Joe that together they've done more than fix a house…they've built a family.

My Review:

The Dad Next Door is about second chances especially after some major life interruptions and revelations. Joe Sheehan is back in his hometown to recover from his injuries he sustained as a police officer. He is back at his hometown where he was considered trouble until his adoptive parents took him in and showed him the kind of love he did not even realize he was starving for. And to his great shock, he finds out that he has a twelve-year old daughter by an ex-girlfriend who drops her off and takes off. Now he has to figure out what his life is now going to look like with a daughter he didn’t know about but whom he already loves. But Amelia will hardly speak to him. Enter Claire Conley who has a bittersweet past of her own and with her Joe and Amelia just might find out what being a family is all about.

Claire is trying to open a children’s home to help get kids off the street and to do something useful like caring for animals, all the while being brought up in an environment where they can be safe to just be children. However some of the town is not willing to let Claire open her children’s home.  Despite the outward challenges, Claire and Amelia hit it off immediately and the more time Joe and Claire spend together renovating her mansion inherited from her estranged late father, the closer they become. But the road to true love is filled with many obstacles and sometimes the biggest ones are those we make for ourselves.

I enjoyed getting to know this couple, this town, and their extended families. I am looking forward to reading more of this family series.

I received a copy of this book from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Weekend Briefing- Christmas Party Part Four Post Three

And now, the grand finale!

-We have reached the final ten day mark for Mind of Darkness! That's ten days to preorder it and email conformation of purchase to to receive a free PDF copy of Codename: Christmas Carol!

 Updated version of cover (it's infantile because it has to grow up all over again):

-Chapter Twenty has been released in Fists of Injustice!

-Free book this week: In the Rogue, December 24-26.

-Book on sale this week (with all proceeds from sales going to Human Coalition): Ruptured Reality,  December 24-December 31.

-Trivia for this week (remember, find the answer in a synopsis and email it to for an entry into the raffle for a signed proof copy of Codename: Christmas Carol): Which job position did Kristian Clark hold first- private eye or secret agent?

-And, finally, a synopsis reveal for the third full-length novel in the Kristian Clark saga, and the first book in a new duology, Kristian Clark and the American Agenda.

Dream not of other worlds...

They call him agent and he answers. They tell him conquer and he does. But there's something they don't know. He's beginning to remember. His name is Kristian Clark. He has a wife and four children. Or he did. But he will find them again, whoever they are, and whatever it takes.

They call her the Aisling. She does their mission only as far as it helps her accomplish her own: to find and rescue the children of a fallen woman. And she will not let anyone get in her way- most certainly not the brainwashed father who has for so long been the unthinking weapon for the government. To save the innocents she will not hesitate to do whatever it takes- no matter how much it condemns her.

They are the root of the conspiracy that will bring two worlds together, for good or for evil, for better or for worse, for life or for death. Their choices shall echo throughout all eternity.

Coming April, 2019!

Join us next week, agents, for the last briefing of 2018. Until then, please don't do anything that will make us have to brain-wipe all your memories of the parties. Again. Felicem Natalem!

Weekend Briefing- Christmas Party Part Four Post Two

Ready for more, agents? Of course you are- you've been trained for vigorous parties for your covers. Only this one is for fun!

Note: But not too much fun. Please stop using the experimental stealth mistletoe. It will not end well.

And now- it's time to take a look at a file from civilian consultant, Kellyn Roth!

Her biography files:

Kellyn Roth has been writing stories since she was seven, though she wrote quite a few (awful) poems and songs before that. Nowadays, she pens Christian and historical fiction, including lots of adorable children and mischievous animals- as well as a generous dose of BBC-style drama.

Miss Roth lives in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge with her parents, two little brothers, crazy border collies, annoying but loveable cat, and assorted cows and chickens. She is a homeschooled highschooler who spends most of her non-writing, non-reading time blogging, riding horses, attempting clarinet and saxophone, and pretending she has other hobbies besides writing.

Check her backup files here

Her fictionalized report of post-war Munich:

Lt. Neil Hudson is sure to have a rotten Christmas.

How can he have anything but a rotten Christmas when he's stuck in war-torn Germany away from his family, friends, and all hope of a decent turkey dinner?

That's when the Slades come into his life.

And now for Mission Head herself's assessment:

This story was so atmospheric and really takes you back to the 1940s right after World War II. We follow a young soldier who knows nothing good is coming to him this Christmas, or even future Christmases. But then he meets a German family in need and everything changes. A very poignant, thoughtful story perfect for Christmas.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and the opinions are my own.

Finally, agents, we come to the climax of the party (hopefully without any further need of disciplinary forced exercise for being on the naughty list). Continuing... Shèng dàn kuài lè!

Weekend Briefing- Christmas Party Part Four Post One

Welcome back, agents! Sorry for the confusing title, but since we're all geniuses here, I'm sure everyone figured out that means that on this final session of the Christmas party, we're stretching it over a couple posts!

Note to our agents: Please, no more lacing the eggnog with truth serum. None of us wanted to know how many cats Agent Bianca owned. Thank you.

Now, to celebrate a Superhero Christmas short story from ally agency, IDIA!

IDIA Mission Head: C.B. Cook

C.B. Cook is just a girl trying to find out where her King is guiding her, while writing stories of the people she creates, the worlds she wants to live in, and the adventures she dreams about. Also known as the mysterious creature called an "author." She's a Christian and a home school graduate dedicated to changing others' lives through the power of the written word.

Level Two Clearance agents can learn more here

Newly leaked file:

A superhero Christmas short story coming December 24, 2018.

This may be Becca's last Christmas, and all she wants is a white Christmas. But with no snow in the forecast, her brother and sister know that might not happen... until they get the idea to track down supervillain Hypothermia for help. With his ice powers, he could create a white Christmas for their sister. There's only one problem- they have to find him first. Can they discover where Hypothermia is hiding and convince him to make it snow?

Level Three Agents can view more here

Our own Mission Head's assessment of the special files:

This was a sweet (and slightly sad) short story about a family willing to do whatever it took to give a sick little girl a white Christmas. I always love short stories that show a glimpse of light even in a villain, especially as the die-hard superhero fan I am. It's a quick read that makes one think of a half hour Christmas special.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and the opinions are my own.

Don't go away yet, agents. Also, note: Please, also do not trigger the ornaments with glitter bombs. Agents are canceling Honeypot missions because of glitter trauma). Now, onto the next post.  Joyeux Noël!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Review, Guest Post, and Giveway: Mind Games by Nancy Mehl

About the Book

Book: Mind Games  
Author: Nancy Mehl  
Genre: Suspense  
Release Date: December, 2018  
Publisher: Bethany House 

FBI Behavioral Analyst Kaely Quinn’s methods may be highly unorthodox, but her talent is undeniable. She’s done her best to establish a new life for herself after being demoted and transferred to St. Louis when a reporter revealed she’s the daughter of an infamous serial killer. But when that same reporter claims to have received an anonymous poem predicting a string of murders, ending with Kaely’s, it seems her old life has followed her. 

When a body is found that fits the poem’s morbid predictions, Kaely and her new partner, Special Agent Noah Hunter, are forced to move past his skepticism of her approach and work together to unravel the deadly riddle. 

With a brazen serial killer who breaks all the normal patterns on the loose, Noah and Kaely are tested to their limits to catch the murderer before anyone else, including Kaely, is killed.

Click here to purchase your copy!

My Thoughts:

Well, that was a tense and twisty turvy ride. 

The beginning of the book was a little slow, but toward the middle it really picks up and it doesn't let you go until the end. The plot twists were on point, I can honestly say I didn't see them coming. Usually I can figure out who the bad guy is in these kinds of books, but in this one... I was wrong. 

I wasn't sure about Kaely Quinn at first, but I ended up really liking her. It turns out Noah is really the one I'm not sure about. He's kind of, I don't know, typical. I don't know how many suspense novels I have read with Noahs in them, but it's been quite a few. 

This book is extremely dark delving into the minds and modus operandi of serial killers. That is not a light subject matter and while this book did try to touch on the subject of how a good God can allow evil, there were some parts of this book that were downright freaky. 

I would not recommend reading this book late into the night. Which happens to be exactly what I did... 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own. 

Reviewed by Nicki

About the Author

Nancy Mehl ( is the author of more than thirty books, including the Road to Kingdom, Finding Sanctuary, and Defenders of Justice series. She received the ACFW Mystery Book of the Year Award in 2009. She has a background in social work and is a member of ACFW and RWA. She writes from her home in Missouri, where she lives with her husband, Norman, and their Puggle, Watson. She is part of The Suspense Sisters:, along with several other popular suspense authors. She is also very active on Facebook.

Guest Post from Nancy

Writing Mind Games is a dream come true. I’ve been interested in FBI profiling for years. I’ve read about it, studied it, and watched every TV special I could find on the subject. So when the chance finally came to write the book I’ve always wanted to write, I jumped at it. Thankfully, through the help of another writer, I was hooked up with a retired FBI profiler. I was so excited. Until I found out I had almost everything wrong. Yes, I had some understanding about profiling, but I knew nothing about the FBI and how it works. 

First of all, the FBI doesn’t call the men and women who profile criminals, profilers. They’re called Behavioral Analysts. The plot for Mind Games had my analyst running around the country solving crimes while she was stationed in St. Louis. Uh, no. Behavioral analysts do travel, but they all work out of Quantico in Virginia. So…I rewrote. 

There were ways around my conundrum, but one solution led to more and more problems. We finally worked through them. Then I spent the next few months learning acronyms. CIRG, CJIS, NCAVC, HRT, UNSUB, CNU, THU, ViCap, CODIS, SWAT, ERTU, OPU, THRU, ERT… Well, the list goes on and on. The FBI is made up of many specialized units. And a plethora of acronyms, it seems.

I rewrote Mind Games three times before my source said we were good to go. 

If you assume I’m out of the woods now, you’d be wrong. I haven’t had the nerve to open up the manuscript I sent her for book two in my Kaely Quinn Profiler series. I figured I had Fire Storm right but… Well, I can tell from her email comments I’ll be doing more rewriting. Sigh. 

So is it worth it? A resounding yes! I love learning, and as long as my analyst friend hangs in with me (she has the patience of Job), I’ll keep at it. 

I hope you enjoy Mind Games. It’s edgy but fun. Kaely Quinn is a quirky character. She was thrown out of Quantico because her version of profiling is… Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out!

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To celebrate her tour, Nancy is giving away a grand prize of a copy of Mind Games and the three books in Nancy’s Defenders of Justice series, plus a $20 Starbucks gift card!
Two additional winners will also receive a copy of Mind Games!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

My Thoughts on The Way Back by Heidi Chiavaroli

  About: Young love means everything . . . until it leaves you with nothing. The summer before her senior year of high school, Laney Jacobs...