Saturday, December 29, 2018

Weekend Briefing- Last Minute Resolutions

Welcome back, agents! 2019 is just around the corner, so here is a countdown to encourage you all some last minute things you can do for the agency.

(The Three Amigos: Hi, everyone, don't worry about any external hackers breaking into this transmission. It's just us- Agents Hunter, Joseph, and Tim from The Dystopian Takeover mission. We thought we would help counteract some of Mission Head's bossiness with a little leaking of her own personal new year's resolutions. Just be sure to keep it to yourselves, because she's not tech-savvy to ever find out otherwise)

Five blogs to follow

All agents are encouraged to check out these five blogs:
(The Three Amigos: Okay, here is the first part of Mission Head's New Year's Resolutions. Get into optimal combat shape. Maintain optimal combat shape. Um, I think someone is in denial. Guess that's part of the whole 'even their secrets have secrets' thing).

Four days left

Only four days left until the New Year- and that means only four days left to pre-order Mind of Darkness and send a conformation email to for a free PDF copy of "Codename Christmas Carol" that won't otherwise release until December 2019.

(The Three Amigos: Okay, here are the next few items on the list. Get on top of the Maintenance crews to declutter and on top of the financial agents to tighten the budged. Agent education will be a priority. Okay, so that was boring, but let's keep scrolling down...)

Three Books to buy

Only a few days left for all the profit from the Kristian Clark saga to be donated to Human Coalition
in time for it to be matched.

(The Three Amigos: Boy, get a look at this one. Release eight case files to the public, including novels, short stories, and anthologies. Also, consider expanding the agency into its own blog. Well, someone is an optimist)

Two free books to read

Well, there are more actually, on the agency's Wattpad account, but today we're spotlighting the serially running Fists of Injustice and recently completely released Marina Ivanov, PI.

(The Three Amigos: Oh, here's something interesting. Attend at least one party. No, wait, that one's actually a little too much information. I feel like we went too far there. Please, everyone, try not to act too strange around Mission Head and give us away).

One awesome free book to download!

Which one is it, you ask? Get ready for it-

Winter Cursed by Nicki Chapelway!!! It goes for up for free starting January 1 through January 5, so be sure to download your very own copy of this beautiful Snow White retelling!

(The Three Amigos: And for the last one- hey, wait a moment... Properly apprehending and punishing Agents Villain Hunter, Jones, and Nelson for illegal inter-agency hacking and leaking of level 10 secrets. I'm not stupid, boys. No, just no good at parties, apparently. Well, carry on, everyone; we have to go on the run again. Hopefully another global crisis will arrive and we can be all heroic and clear our names. Until then, hasta la vista!)

Well, you heard three of the Agency's Most Wanted- that's all for now. Try not to do anything that might get you brain-wiped, or on the Agency's Most Wanted (like aiding and abetting any of 'the three amigos' or offering to throw Mission Head a pity party to meet her resolution). Until next week- or sooner, if we can successfully capture the hackers and have to call a court martialing, Ciao and happy new year!


  1. Thanks for featuring my blog on your post. ;)

    I can't wait for "Mind of Darkness" to come out! I have a feeling it's going to be good!

    And I have just read "Winter Cursed" not too long ago and it is sooo good! One of the best "Snow White" retellings I have read!

  2. No problem. Hope you enjoy "Mind of Darkness" like I did writing it. "Winter Cursed" is definitely one of my fave Snow White retellings too.


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