Saturday, December 15, 2018

Weekend Briefing- Christmas Party Part Three

Welcome back, agents. I hope you brought your Santa hats because the party is still going! And there's an extra special reveal today...

-Seventeen days until Mind of Darkness releases! Remember to email conformation of preorders to for a free ebook of Codename: Christmas Carol

-Chapter Eighteen has just been released in Fists of Injustice on Wattpad!

-Speaking of Wattpad, I also have a complete paranormal short story, Call of the Dryad. Email the name of the title dryad to for an entry into the raffle for an autographed paperback ARC copy of Codename: Christmas Carol, and the same goes for the hero of Marina Ivanov, PI

-Through the end of the month, or until the goal amount of $60,000 has been reached, all donations to  Human Coalition will be doubled, including the profit from all purchases of any Kristian Clark novel, ebook or print, purchased before the end of the month: The Bachelor Missions, In the Rogue, and Ruptured Reality.

-Speaking of Kristian Clark, the cover reveal of the fist book of the next Kristian Clark duology will be released later in this party, so keep reading!

-Free ebook this week: Wolf Claw December 16-December 20. Wolf Curse December 21 only. Wolf Cure December 22 only.

-Remember, only links to added to-reads and conformations of downloading free ebooks emailed to will be entered into the raffle for an autographed print ARC of Codename: Christmas Carol.

-This week's trivia: In Wolf Claw, what relation of Jane's goes missing?

-And now, the time for the cover reveal for Kristian Clark and the American Agenda, Book One: Agents Adam and Eve...

Once again, the cover is thanks to the talented Victoria Cooper!

Join us next week, agents, for the final Christmas Party and the Agents Adam and Eve synopsis reveal! Until then, don't make us brain-wipe you before you can take all your presents out of their secret hiding places. Frohliche Weihnachten!

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  1. Ohhh!!! I really like the cover for "Agents Adam and Eve"!!! So pretty!