Saturday, March 16, 2019

Weekend Briefing

Welcome back, agents. This will be a brief... briefing, so just sit tight for a moment.

Heart of Steel is ten chapters in- so it's a pretty good size to binge-read!

Agents Adam and Eve is available for pre-order.

A piece of flash fiction from Uncle Vincent's past was accepted for publication by Havok Publishing for April.

Finally, Mission Head is preparing to branch out into the world of the Episode App, with virtual stories that allow you to live in the character's life- and make some of their choices too. For those of you who have the app, or are planning to download it, here is a link to a sneak-peak of Marina Ivanov, PI (P.S. You'll only be able to view it on a phone-like device, not your computer.

That's all for now, agents. Feel free to comment with your favorite non-traditional modes of reading. And if anyone would like to read a PDF ARC of Agents Adam and Eve, contact mission head at Proshchay and Shalom!

Get even more spy fun at Agency of Books and Spies!

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