Saturday, March 30, 2019

Weekend Briefing: Seventeen Days Left and Something Free

Welcome back, agents! We are seventeen days out from the official release of Agents Adam and Eve. To celebrate, we're releasing a character file on the agency's  No. #1 Most Likely to  Kill us All on Purpose Agent (but please don't tell her that and give her any ideas. This profile is for your safety purposes).
Rhyan Perez was captured by enemies and both chemically and physically tortured until she became a clinical sociopath. However, under the guidance of the Aisling, Rhyan has learned to use an artificial conscious to propel her to use her skills for good. And when that means doing the dirty work, well, that's all too simple.

Name: Rhyan Perez
Official Pseudonyms: Chastity. Vengeance. 
Official Allegiance: The SHF.
Skills: A highly trained agent especially adept at stealth and killing quickly.
Weapons of Choice: Her bare hands and anything that may be available. 
Internationality and Alternate Status: Native to the Main World; Alternate is dead.


"We were kids."
"Oh, honey, I'm the craziest of us all."
"I could kill you if I had any inclination to, and have no compunction whatsoever."
Note: Yes, agents, we are aware of the uncanny resemblance between Gal Gadot and Rhyan. Purely coincidental. Rhyan may have the fighting prowess of Wonder Woman, but she has none of her compassion.

Now for your something free- or will soon be free, anyway...

April 2- April 6

But that's not all! There's a sale in the air-

April 5- April 12

(all profit still goes to charity)

Excited yet, agents? What about movie-wise? Which upcoming movies are you most excited about? Comment below (and if you want to appease Rhyan's fury, visit headquarters at Agency of Books and Blogs)!

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