Saturday, March 23, 2019

Weekend Briefing: The Countdown Begins

Twenty-Four Day Countdown Begins

Twenty-four days until what, you wonder? Agents, you should be more alert. Give me twenty push-ups! Since you forgot to  until the official release of Agents Adam and Eve

Don't worry; you forgetful agents can still participate in the three Cs: Countdown, Character Profiling, and a Contest.

Countdown: Starting today, the agency will celebrate every few days with a special blog post as we anticipate the coming release. Today, we are celebrating with a Character Profile and a Contest.

Character Profile:

Kristian Clark is the unthinking superhuman agent of the Shadow American Government called the Amerios. Until he remembers who he is and who he left behind- and will stop at nothing to get back.
Name: Kristian Clark
Official Pseudonyms: Agent Valentino; Agent Warpspeed; Agent Zero
Official Allegiance: The Amerios
Skills: A deep connection with the dimensions that allows him to teleport himself and others within a reality plane, travel to other worlds without technological assistance,  and search people's memories via tactile contact (and also access their doppelganger's memories through them). Also a highly trained agent and especially adept at shooting and fighting multiple opponents.
Weapons of Choice: Revolver and Taser Gun
Internationality and Alternate Status: Native to the Main World; Alternate still alive. 
"Fools- they should have always feared me."
"I would never hurt you. Never." 
"They broke her. Blast it, they used me to break her."

(Or, will be once Amazon updates...)

Contest: Today's contest is this. Every comment to this blog post this weekend gets you an entry in a raffle. The winner gets a special non-commercial character/story collage of their choice.

So, what are you waiting for, agents? Comment with your favorite spy stories or lead characters of a story- or face twenty more push-ups.

Or visit the home base and comment there at Agency of Books and Spies

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