Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review: The Confessions of X by Suzanne M. Wolfe

Wow, I am just trying to gather my thoughts on the book The Confessions of X by author Suzanne M. Wolfe.  First off, this book was written in such a beautiful lyrical prose, as if I were the one tasting the dust of Africa, smelling the spices at the market, and seeing Rome for the first time with the characters.  This story is about Augustine of Hippo’s concubine whom we don’t really know much about.  Drawing from her imagination and what we know of in history, the author has written a story about one woman’s journey through life:  the society in which she lived and made the rules that forbade her marriage to the man that she loved and who loved her as well, her and her father’s relationship through her growing up years, her aunt and other extended relatives, to Augustine the man she loved, being a mother to her son, to all the women she became friends with and helped deliver children, life and death of those she loved, to the fall of Rome, and what was thought as the end of the world. 

This is a very different sort of story than you usually find in the Christian market.  This tale is not a happily ever after, but does give a human face to this unknown woman who had many of the same concerns and worries that we do today.  This would make an excellent book club choice with not only a story with meat but also included are thought provoking discussion questions.  The author’s notes are great in explaining where she got her ideas and the how’s and whys of the culture in those ancient times.   I look forward to more well told tales by Ms. Wolfe as I won’t soon forget this one.  I received a copy for an honest review from the Fiction Guild and the opinions are my own.

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