Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review: Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

Elizabeth Camden is one of my favorite authors and Until the Dawn was such an interesting story that takes place in 1898.  There were a few main characters: Sophie Van Riijn-our bright, joyful heroine, Quentin Vandermark the heir of the home and a very moody, sometimes cruel, wounded gentleman, Pieter the very scared and lonely son of Quentin.  The bodyguards, Quentin’s eccentric grandfather Nickolaas, Sophie’s father, Marten her former fiancĂ©, and the house itself were a few of the other characters.  This story had an air of mysteriousness surrounding it.  I found it intriguing how some people viewed the home and the land as cursed and others as an Eden.  We have archeology, biology, and meteorology represented in the story.  And all play an important role.  Not to mention the budding romance, the twists and turns throughout and all these elements added up to a very fresh, unique, and satisfying read.  I found this one hard to put down as there were lessons to learn and mysteries to solve.   On a side note my mouth was watering at the descriptions of Sophie’s cooking.   I received a copy of this book for an honest review from Bethany House Publishers and the opinions are my own.

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