Thursday, March 31, 2016

Review: Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa

I am an avid reader, so when I come upon a book that is very unique from what I have read before I get very excited.  Annabel Lee by Mike Nappa is the first of a new series entitled Coffey and Hill and wow.  I went into this book just having read the back cover blurb, which doesn’t really give us too much of what the story is about.   It turned out to be a suspenseful and at times a little bit creepy read, revealing the plot just little bits at a time.  We are treated to three points of views: Annabel Lee a very smart almost 12 year old girl who has lived a rather unusual life with an unusual uncle, The Mute (a sniper and war veteran), and Trudy Coffey a private investigator, who for this case at least, must work together with her ex-husband Samuel Hill to solve.  All of the characters are unique and I enjoyed getting each of their viewpoints. 

Now the relationship between ex-husband and wife team, Trudy and Samuel, was equally wonderful and painful to watch.  Mr. Nappa gives us their backstory in the pages of his book, and I must say it was sad and heartbreaking for the romantic in me.  However, I have hope for these two who obviously still love each other and work together with ease, giving readers great enjoyment with their back and forth banter.  With Poe references, really sophisticated villains, spies, and the search for “secret treasure” this book was hard to put down.  I suspect the next one in the series Raven will be just as intriguing after the little excerpt we were treated to at the end.  I can hardly wait to find out about the Raven and watch Trudy and Samuel’s relationship grow.  My thanks to Revell Publishing for providing me with a copy for an honest review the opinions as always are my own.

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