Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review: On Lone Star Trail by Amanda Cabot

Amanda Cabot finishes up her Texas Crossroads series with the third book entitled On Lone Star Trail.  I really enjoyed this series; going back to Rainbow’s End resort, visiting with the surrounding town, and meeting up with the previous characters.  In this next chapter we have Gillian Hodge, who is Kate’s best friend, coming up for a vacation and some down time.  She has really been dealt a blow as she was a rising star as a concert pianist until her hand was crushed in a motorcycle accident.  Now, without a career to go back to, she is really trying to reevaluate her life.  As life happens, on her way to the resort she witnesses a motorcycle crash.  She offers to help out the victim by the name of TJ Benjamin.  Taking him to the resort with her, circumstances conspire to keep them at Rainbow’s End for an unexpected period of time.  During this time, they not only grow closer in their new found friendship but also meeting and helping the residents of the town from the young to the old.  TJ, a widower, is having a hard time letting go of his past life and so is reluctant to pursue a relationship with Gillian, even though they both feel the chemistry and make such a great team together.  But the question is, will TJ be able to just step aside when another great guy comes pursuing Gillian?  This was a nice romance filled with friends and a small hometown feeling.  I am very glad I visited Rainbow’s End resort and I still wish it was a real place.  I received a copy for an honest review from Revell Publishing and the opinions are my own.

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