Friday, August 3, 2018

Review: A Daring Venture by Elizabeth Camden

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Dr. Rosalind Werner is at the forefront of a groundbreaking new water technology—if only she can get support for her work. Nicholas, Commissioner of Water for New York, is skeptical—and surprised by his reaction to Rosalind. While they fight against their own attraction, they stand on opposite sides of a battle that will impact thousands of lives.

My Thoughts:

A Daring Venture is just more proof of why author Camden is one of my favorites. This is the second book in a series, and what I really like is how she puts two opposing teams against each other, at times shockingly so. Yet, they work together for the common goal. While the first book dealt with opposing British and American newspapers, this one interested me more just due to the subject matter: filtered water vs water treated with chemicals.

The book starts off with a rather dire cholera epidemic. Affected by this as a child, Dr. Rosalind Werner has taken her studies in biochemistry to the US and wants to make water healthy for everyone. Nick Drake, the brother from the first book, has moved up the ladder from being just a plumber to being the Commissioner of Water for New York. He also is looking into providing clean water for the city but through the use of filtration only. Both Rosalind and Nick have very strong opinions and a very strong attraction to each other right from the first. It is an instant attraction, but it is done well and really they needed that to even survive the problems that were coming there away.

I find Camden’s characters always interesting and very out of the box. The history behind the water we drink and use today was fascinating and I even had a discussion about chlorine in water with someone right before I read the book. So yes, this water issue is still important to this day. I look forward to the third in this series as it is about two characters from this book that I don’t even care about much. However, I have a feeling I will by the time I dive into that story!

I received a complimentary copy of this novel. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

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