Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Renaissance Faire (Dall and Emily 1) by Jane Stain

This was a really cute time travel romance between Emily, a college girl, and Dall, a time traveling highlander.  Meeting at the Renaissance Faire, they spend the Faire weekends working and getting to know each other.  Emily has her suspicions about Dall being a time traveler unfortunately a certain group of people surround him at all times making it difficult to ask him.  Finally, being let in the group and getting the answers she seeks, Emily is swept back to Scotland in the past with Dall, only with a twist.  This was a lighthearted read with plenty of romance and plenty of mysteriousness to keep me turning my Kindle pages.  I look forward to the next book and so continue Dall and Emily’s story.  If you enjoy going to Medieval and or Renaissance Fairs like me, you will enjoy this book.  I received an e-copy for review from I Am A Reader Not A Writer, and the opinions are my own.

Content:  This is a clean read.

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