Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter

A Noble Masquerade written by Kristi Ann Hunter was a very interesting story, but most of all I liked the writing style.  I am a huge fan of Jen Turano and when I heard that Hunter’s writing style was similar to Turano’s I knew I just had to read this book.  I can assure you I was not disappointed Hunter had the dramatic, humorous flare of Turano but also a way of writing that was decidedly her own.  I enjoyed the story and the plot line greatly and found myself on the edge of my seat- unable to put the book down- on more than one occasion.  The story starts off when Miranda, the heroine, is eight years old and begins writing for journalistic purposes to her brother’s friend, the Duke of Marshington, a man she has never met and certainly has no intention of ever mailing those letters to.  It picks up when Marlow, Miranda’s brother’s new valet mails one of her letters to the Duke of Marshington… can I just say oh, boy...  Even though I knew that it was going to happen from what I read on the back of the book I was still horrified that it happened.  The book picks up even more when… and then… and oh I was holding my breath when- well I suppose I’ll just let you read it and find out for yourself what a decidedly captivating book A Noble Masquerade is.  I received a copy for an honest review from The Book Club Network, Inc. and the opinions are my own.

Reviewed by Nicky

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