Monday, July 6, 2015

Review: By Your Side by Candace Calvert

By Your Side by Candace Calvert is the first book I have read by her and I really enjoyed it.  She skillfully showed the trials and the joys of working in a crisis team.  The crises team includes the cops, doctors, nurses, and the chaplains, all having very important roles to fulfill.  Throw in two characters, both with tragic pasts, just trying to survive everyday life and a crazy sniper who seems to be targeting them and you have a book that will keep you reading long into the night.  This is a story that shows family love and desperation and besides the thread of suspense, a growing love between a nurse and a cop.  I liked how real the characters seemed by trusting in themselves and going out into the world to do their best to save those they loved.  And as we all know, we can’t do these things on our own.  It is too heavy of a burden and our heroes will learn this as well.  I hope Ms. Calvert writes more in this series as there were a few side characters that I would like to see resolutions to their stories as well.  I received this book for an honest review from The Book Club Network, Inc. (TBCN) and the opinions are my own.

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