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My Thoughts and More on Remain True by Thomas Nye


About the Book

Book: Remain True: Amana

Author: Thomas Nye

Genre: Christian Romance

Release Date: January 31, 2023

Rebounding from a failed relationship, Author Timothy Hayes escapes to the beautiful Amana Colonies to begin a new life. Smalltown Iowa, during the 2020 pandemic, proves lax with social distancing. Social awkwardness, however, is at an all-time high as a host of quirky neighbors crowd Tim’s personal space. Tim’s pug must go for walks which opens the door for adorable children, annoying neighbor men, old ladies who want to tell their life story, and a matchmaker set on “fixing Tim up.” Several attractive young women emerge as contenders for Tim’s heart. A woman twice his age infatuates him with her magical gift of storytelling. Remain True is a dual timeline. Tim’s life in 2020 becomes interwoven with the storyteller’s history, resulting in a surprising singular conclusion. No matter what happens in life, God will Remain True.


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My Thoughts:

Upon opening this book, I was not sure what this story would be all about. I had never known about the Amana people, who are lot like the Amish and Mennonite and as I began reading it was a story that took place during 2020, during the pandemic. This is the second book in so many days that I have read that has the pandemic in it. As with the last one, it is not something I ever wanted to read about again, but this story began to draw me in, especially with all of the quirkiness and I had questions.

Tim is an author who has gone through a divorce. He has moved, with his dog who also is an important character, to start over. He has moved to a home in Amana for peace and quiet and to get away from people. But what he finds in that town is that people are not scared of the pandemic, in fact they are all living their lives as normal and bringing him into the bustle. Which is not what he wants at all, at first.

Tim's neighbor is an old woman who insists he come over and visit for tea. As he reluctantly does, she begins a story about a young girl named Blondie who lived at his house. Tim becomes very invested in her story, this reader as well, as we learn about Blondie's family, friends, and life as she grows up. Not only that, but Tim sees a picture in a shop that mesmerizes him of a beautiful young Amana woman.

What happens as the story is told is a help for Tim, as he comes face to face with his own failings, especially in his marriage. The story being told begins to unravel into real life, and dots become connected, and we find along with Tim that the world is not such a big place sometimes after all.

I was provided a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.  

About the Author

Thomas Nye, author of the beloved Amish Horses Series, writes romance novels with an Historical flare and a touch of humor. He and his wife live on an acreage her grandparents bought in 1918. They have five grown children, nine grandchildren, and a team of draft horses. Their home is situated between an Amish community and the Amana Colonies, a perfect location to inspire his writing.





More from Thomas

Most of us have experienced some dark episodes in this life. How do we find our way back into hope and sunshine? My wife and I have been married for almost 43 years, but about halfway through we were separated for 4 months. The storyline of Remain True has almost nothing in common with the details of my dark time. The difficult emotions and subsequent hopefulness of God’s graceful intervention led me to write this novel.  

For Timothy Hayes, life has become incredibly dark. In the opening scene we find him reluctantly removing his wedding band and placing it in a miniature, coffin-like box. To make matters worse, Tim’s personal struggle coincides with the heaviness of the Coronavirus outbreak. His will to live is shrinking. Tim visited the Amana Colonies ten years earlier and thought of the villages as a hauntingly beautiful getaway where he could sulk.  

God has another plan. 

Small town Iowa is not the place to isolate, even during Covid, as it proves an epic failure in social distancing. Social awkwardness, however, is at an all-time high as a host of quirky neighbors invade Tim’s personal space and refuse to allow him any opportunity to submerge into depression.  

I hope those who read Remain True will be able to relate with Tim’s struggle enough to rejoice with him as God provides a ray of sunshine during his darkest hour. 

My wife and I found hope and restoration and are looking forward to our 43rd anniversary. We thoroughly enjoy grandparenting our 9 grandchildren (and counting) together. God is good!  

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