Saturday, May 2, 2020

Cover Reveal: At Summer's End by Jes Drew

Hello and welcome back to another cover reveal. This time it is for author Jes Drew's At Summer's End. Please also check out her site at: At Agency of Books and Spies for more in depth information.

And without further ado, here it is!

The world is reeling from the near-apocalypse of the Dystopian Takeover that was only just averted by a motley crew of teenagers, including Violet Strokes. 

Violet now finds herself recruited by a special opps team- Code Name Peacemakers- to train to prevent future takeovers from ever happening along with some of the other teenage heroes. Which would be a lot easier if she weren't struggling to hide her emotional and physical wounds of the last takeover, or if everyone else on the team weren't spoiled rich kids (minus one mild-mannered superhuman named Tim).

 It certainly doesn't help that one of the other teenagers on the team is her long-lost childhood friend- and the son of the villains of the Dystopian Takeover- Alexander Franklin III, who is insistent that they rekindle their friendship. On top of it all, every turn she takes, she seems run into another boy from her past- with what may be an even more sinister family legacy...

Somehow, though, Violet, Alex, and the rest of the team need to figure out how to work together to protect the world from itself. That is, if Violet can stop the takeover that is going on in her very mind...

Coming June 1!

($0.99 Pre-Order Coming soon to Amazon)

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