Friday, July 12, 2019

Review: Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig

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Mentioned in the pages of the Septuagint but lost to history, the Book of the Wars has resurfaced, and its pages hold secrets--and dangers--never before seen on earth. 

Tasked with capturing the ancient text, former Navy SEAL Leif Metcalfe is finally given command of his own team. But their best efforts are ruined when a notorious Bulgarian operative known as "Viorica" snatches the volume right out from under them.

Iskra "Viorica" Todorova is determined to use the book to secure the thing that matters most--freedom. But a series of strange storms erupts around the globe and the coming dangers foretold in the text threaten crops, lives--entire nations.

Though both are haunted by secrets of their past and neither trusts the other, Leif and Iskra must form an uneasy alliance to thwart impending disaster. However, the truth hidden in two-thousand-year-old words could unleash the storm of their own destruction.

My Thoughts:

If you are looking for a read that is high adrenaline, fueled by lots of action, and tons of secrets- then look no further than Storm Rising, which is the first of what garners to be a great action packed series. 

Taken from a couple of verses from the Old Testament, there are several world powers that are looking for The Book of the Wars. I absolutely love it when authors pull out these verses from the Bible and can make a story around them. I never noticed this book before, not to say I haven’t read the verses before, but there are quite a few books mentioned in the Bible which I find fascinating.

Using the wonder of imagination, we have a very tight story with a team of secret soldiers looking for this book who come up against the best of the best and worst of the worst enemies.  And there is some real baddies in here that think nothing of mass murder or anything else to get their way.

Our hero Leif Metcalfe is the team leader. He is a soldier who has been tasked with finding this book. He is also dealing with some secrets from his past that he can’t even remember. So as we go along with him, sometimes things will set him off and we as a reader are left holding our breath wondering just how dangerous and how far Leif will go.

Iskra, or her nickname Viorica, has not had a very nice life. The author does not shy away with how difficult life has been for this dangerous spy.  Iskra is good at what she does and she has ulterior motives for wanting that book as well. When she and Leif meet there is definitely an undercurrent of something more between them than just enemies. 

I enjoyed Leif’s team as well.  We get to know them and a bit of their personal lives as well. What I really liked was how they all had each other’s backs. Which is very important as who can you really trust in this world where some want to control all- as in global control.

That ending-sublime. Looking forward to Kings Falling.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

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