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Review, Guest Post, Giveway: Pulse by Linore Burkard

About the Book

Book: Pulse
Author: Linore Burkard
Genre: Christian YA/Apocalyptic Suspense
Release date: August 24, 2015

What do you do when the whole world stops?

Andrea, Lexie and Sarah are just ordinary teens until a mysterious event shuts down all technology. In the dead of winter, there’s no heat, no internet, no cell phones–not even a working car. In this chilling Christian YA tale, most of the population doesn’t survive. Pitting faith and grit against a world without power, the girls and their families must beat the odds. But can they find the strength to survive when society collapses and technology fails?

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My Thoughts:

What would happen to our society, our world if the unthinkable happened and we lost electricity and power to make all of our electronic devices, appliances, and any other items we rely upon work? Pulse takes a look through just such a time from the viewpoints of three teenage girls as the world as they know it disappears.

This was a very realistic and scary look at what we could lose and how we are so very unprepared to live like people lived hundreds of years ago. I remember the east coast blackout a few years ago and I also remember when my city lost power for about a week in the middle of July. It was unbearably inconvenient and uncomfortable and that was only electricity we lost. We still had cars. I could still pack up my food in my fridge and freezer and take it to my Mom's house the next town over. This story nothing worked and it took place in the winter time.

We already know how people begin looting after natural disasters, an EMP of this magnitude would be devastating.

This author's regency stories are some of my favorite books and I am pleased to say that this story was just as riveting and it is a good read for young adults and parents. We already try to keep our pantries full in case of bad weather, this makes me want to do more. This novel definately makes you sit back and think.

I received a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Author

Linore Rose Burkard wrote a trilogy of genuine regency romances for the Christian market before there were any regencies for the Christian market. Published with Harvest House, her books opened the genre for the CBA. She also writes YA Suspense/Apocalyptic fiction as L.R. Burkard. Married with five children, Linore home-schools her youngest daughter, teaches workshops for writers, and is the Vice President of the Dayton Christian Scribes.  Her latest  PULSE EFFEX SERIES, takes readers into a “chilling possible future for America, while affirming the power of faith in the darkest of times.”

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When my sweet historical romance series was published, I never dreamed my next would be YA/dystopian. What a switch in genres! So, how did I go from one end of the writing spectrum to another? Blame it on an idea that refused to die. I read a headline about how close the earth came to suffering a catastrophic electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, in 2012. We missed the worst effects of a solar flare by a hair (in space terms); but the “what if” factor had been set in motion. What if that flare hadn’t missed us? What if I was a teen raised on electronics–or an adult medically dependent on them–and it all went dead in a matter of seconds? What if the next flare doesn’t miss? PULSE, the first book in my PULSE EFFEX Series, was born.

The books shows life in the aftermath of such an event for three teens and their families. With the world plunged into a new dark age, can they keep hope alive?

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