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Review: Glory Road by Lauren K. Denton

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Written in Lauren Denton’s signature Southern style, Glory Road tells the story of three generations of women navigating the uncertain pathways of their hearts during a summer that promises to bring change—whether they’re ready for it or not.
“Glory Road brims with faith and family, second chances, and new horizons.” —LISA WINGATE, New York Times bestselling author of Before We Were Yours
The only thing certain is change—even in a place as steady as Perry, Alabama, on a street as old as Glory Road.
Nearly a decade after her husband’s affair drove her back home to South Alabama, Jessie McBride has the stable life she wants—operating her garden shop, Twig, next door to her house on Glory Road, and keeping up with her teenage daughter and spunky mother. But the unexpected arrival of two men makes Jessie question whether she’s really happy with the status quo.
When handsome, wealthy businessman Sumner Tate asks her to arrange flowers for his daughter’s lavish wedding, Jessie finds herself drawn to his continued attention. Then Ben Bradley, her lingering what-could-have-been from high school, moves back to the red dirt road, and she feels her heart pulled in directions she never expected.
Meanwhile, Jessie’s fourteen-year-old daughter, Evan, is approaching the start of high school and navigating a new world of emotions—particularly as they relate to the cute new guy who’s moved in just down the road. At the same time, Jessie’s mother, Gus, is suffering increasingly frequent memory lapses and faces a frightening, uncertain future.
In one summer, everything will change. But for these three strong Southern women, the roots they’ve planted on Glory Road will give life to the adventures waiting just around the curve.
“Rich colorful characters capturing my heart, combined with a story that kept me up till the wee hours, Glory Road is a perfect read. Lauren Denton has done it again!” —Lisa Patton, bestselling author of Rush and Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter
“Once again Lauren Denton brings her lyrical writing and compelling characters to a story that will enthrall readers from page one.” —Marybeth Mayhew Whalen, author of Only Ever Her and co-founder of She Reads, for Glory Road
“From the opening of The Hideaway, the reader is captured by the voice of a woman who has for too long kept a story that must be told, one the reader wants to hear. Denton has crafted a story both powerful and enchanting: a don’t-miss novel in the greatest southern traditions of storytelling.” —Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author

“A poignant and heartfelt tale of sisterhood, motherhood, and marriage, Hurricane Season deftly examines the role that coming to terms with the past plays in creating a hopeful future. Readers will devour this story of the hurricanes—both literal and figurative—that shape our lives.” —Kristy Woodson Harvey, national bestselling author of Slightly South of Simple

My Thoughts:

Glory Road is a three generational story of a family who sticks together through the good and the bad. Jessie McBride and her fourteen year old daughter, Evan, have been living for ten years back on Glory Road, Jessie’s childhood street. Gus, Jessie’s mother also lives very near them and the three of them are living a dream, or so they want to believe that. Gus is a widow and Jessie is divorced and Jessie is the owner of a little hometown garden shop that her mother and daughter help her run.

There are some complications that arise when Gus starts not acting like herself and seems to not be remembering well. On Gus’s character, she was a hoot. I really liked her creative advice giving and how she just had a sense about her daughter and what just might make her happy. She was also aware that she was not quite doing well either.

Jessie just seemed stuck in life. Her marriage failed and her daughter is growing into a woman and her mother is off.  Jessie seemed to have boxed herself into her little corner of her world and didn’t really look for anything special like love coming around for the second time.

Evan was a smart, very loving teenager who is finding herself crushing on the boy next door, whose father happens to be someone from her mother’s past.

As the story progresses, we do get snippets of the past and what brought everyone back to Glory Road. Jessie sees her past as a mature woman now and maybe even with clearer eyes as she now has a teenage daughter. Gus sees Jessie as she once was and she is very proud of her girl and wants her to embrace a bigger picture of life and happiness.

This was a sweet southern story with a strong family bond between these women and what happens when life and love comes knocking on the door.
I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

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