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Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway: Shadow's Sorrow by Galadriel Pittman

About the Book

Book Title: Shadows’ Sorrow  
Author: Galadriel Pittman  
Genre: Fantasy  
Release date: May 18, 2018

“I will become these shadows’ sorrow. I swear.” A disillusioned guardian, a four-footed philosopher, an honorable thief, Trouble, and an unexpected inheritance against the end of the world? Bring it on. An ancient evil has recently reawakened. Raven, a young Deinya warrior disillusioned with his people, has accepted a quest from his one-time master for old time’s sake. But when he catches a thief, Tara, his life hurls down an unforeseen path. With the help of others they meet along the way, they race to find the secret to the Rakon’s downfall before the nations again succumb to darkness.

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My Thoughts:

What a fun fantasy. Pittman crafts a rich and vibrant world with so many details and orders and hierarchies that I felt like I was there. The plot was gripping and well structured, and I liked the whole mythology behind the Raikon.

Shadow's Sorrow had all the elements that I enjoy, a grumpy warrior, a scrappy thief, a quest, a journey, a dark power. I feel like it didn't fully deliver on some of these elements, but perhaps I was expecting too much.

The pictures were really cool. I like that so many were included.

I wasn't sure about the characters at first, because they often did some very unreasonable things. But they did eventually grow on me. Tara and Taikon were definitely my favorite characters. They had cool heads on their shoulders. I like Raven too, but he was kinda moody and would just lose all good sense at times making me roll my eyes at him. I ship him with Tara though. Princess K. (I can't remember her full name) was extremely annoying. The excuse used was that she was just a child at nineteen, but I'm eighteen and I don't act like that.

There is some language which surprised me because it was very little and just felt kinda thrown in there.

Will I be continuing the series...? Probably. Maybe. While this story does have some rough spots, I really am interested to see where it will go.

Many thanks to the author for the copy which she provided. I received a complimentary copy of this novel. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

Reviewed by Nicki

About the Author

I am Galadriel Pittman, a mother of two, wife to a supportive amazing husband, daughter, sister, friend, worship singer, school cafe manager…the list goes on. I am blessed with many roles to fill. And now, finally, author. Some of my earliest memories are of my parents reading to me–Chronicles of Narnia, Xanth series, Lord of the Rings…but they never read them fast enough for my liking. So, I learned to read. As a voracious reader from the age of three, my goal as a child was to read every book in the world! Sadly, reality dictated that there were more books than what my town library held, and new ones entered all the time! Perhaps taking a sideways step in that dream to become one who created those new entries is not surprising. As a child I enjoyed telling my younger siblings stories, and as a teen, I created my world with a friend. Over the years, I added to that tale. Recently, I decided I wanted to find out what happens next— so here we go! For more information and updates on books, go to or find me on Facebook at Galadriel Pittman

Guest Post from Galadriel

Maps. I’ve always loved them. Like Bilbo Baggins, I would pour over them, plotting where I had been, where I wanted to go. I spent hours doodling them. There’s something calming about making squiggly lines. So when it came to creating a world, the map had to be one of the first features for me to make. Fast forward a couple of decades to when I decided to get serious about finishing my story. I pulled out my old hand drawn in pencil map and thought, “This needs an upgrade.” Enter my amazing husband. He took my original map and drew it on the computer, adding wonderful details like trees and mountains. The final touch was the nod of homage to C.S. Lewis: The known world of Morovia prepared for his majesty by the adventurers Clark, Shawn, and Lewis. And now I offer this portal to my world as part of the giveaway! An 11”x17” color copy of the map inspired the theme for the gift basket giveaway.

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