Saturday, February 24, 2018

Weekend Briefing and Contest by Jes Drew

Weekend Briefing

Welcome back, agents. I hope you all brought your thinking caps, because today is the first day of the Quiz. In honor of the release of Castaways, the agency is offering a signed copy of said book to whoever gets the most correct answers (or to whoever gets their name pulled out of Mission Head’s special hat in case of tied geniuses) of the following questions. There are nine questions, in honor of this being the agency’s ninth release, and the answers can all be found in either a previous weekend briefing or in the book blurbs available on Amazon. Agents have until March 3 to send their answers to*

These are the questions:

(1. When Agent Villain Hunter visited Weekend Briefing, he accidentally (on purpose?) used two related names referring to the Ninja’s secret identity. What were they?

(2. Castaways was heavily influenced by what eighteenth century classic?

(3. Wolf Claw takes place in what decade?

(4. Previous guest, Agent Felicity, is from which series?

(5. What grade is the protagonist of The Time I Saved the Day in?

(6. The couple from which series is described as ‘soul mates’?

(7. Finish this phrase: The good guys, the bad guys, and the __ __-

(8. Which visiting agent were you warned not to further inflate the ego of?

(9.How many cousins does Agent Rogers get stranded on the island with?

Our spotlight:

To Purchase

Emily thought nothing could be worse than her family moving across the ocean. When the unthinkable happens and the ship goes down, she learns just how wrong she is. Now she’s stranded on a deserted island with her two young cousins and Christopher Williams, the boy who refused to leave until the women and children were safe.

But the island hides many secrets and holds many dangers. As they struggle to survive and hold onto hope, one unsettling question rises above the others. Is the island really deserted?

* Paperback only available to winners within the continental United States. International winner(s) will be provided with a Castaways ebook.

On further note, agents, the Fugitives, the sequel to Castaways, has entered into the final drafting stages. Stay tuned for an upcoming cover reveal and release date sometime next week.

Join us next week, agents, for a special interview with Agent Kristian Clark! Until then, try not to do anything that might get you brain-wiped. Ciao!

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