Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: The Pharaoh's Daughter by Mesu Andrews

This was an epic read for me.  I have just recently really started to delve into Biblical fiction after avoiding it for years.  After a while, I decided to go ahead and take a chance on it and so far I have really enjoyed reading that genre.   This may be my favorite so far.  Mesu Andrews takes the Egyptian mother of Moses and writes her into the pages of history and shines a light on her story.  Grant it, this is fiction but Ms. Andrews has done her Biblical and historical research.  I have always wondered about the workings of Moses being saved from the Nile and becoming the son of pharaoh’s daughter.   This story takes a plausible look at how that may have happened.   With political intrigue and a thread of romance I was taken back into time into the workings of Egyptians royal family and court.  This story does not shy away either from the cruelty of some of these leaders.  I also saw the relevance concerning our current times and culture happening right now in the world.  I so very much enjoyed the author’s notes as well.  I learned some Bible lessons and history lessons as I went back and did my own investigating of Ms. Andrew’s research.  That is what I have discovered the most that I enjoy about Biblical fiction.  That I go back to the Word of God and see little tidbits of information I had only glossed over before.  And also discovering anew how the Bible so neatly and wonderfully fits into history.  So I really do appreciate the authors’ notes at the end of their books and the meticulous research they do.   I look forward to the next in this series of A Treasures of the Nile and to reading her previous books.  

FTC disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.  As always, the opinions are my own.

Mesu Andrews’ deep understanding of and love for God's Word brings the biblical
world alive for her readers. Her first novel, Love Amid the Ashes won the
2012 ECPA Book of the Year for a Debut Author. Her three subsequent novels, Love's
Sacred Song, Love in a Broken Vessel, and In the Shadow of Jezebel all released to
great reader enthusiasm. Mesu lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Roy.

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