Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review: A Corpse at St. Andrew's Chapel by Mel Starr

A Corpse at St. Andrew’s Chapel by Mel Starr is not my usual read.  However the synopsis intrigued me and I became very invested in the story and connected with the main character.  Sir Hugh, not only a surgeon but also the bailiff for his lord’s land, is trying to keep the castle and grounds running smoothly while the lord is away.  A strange murder has taken place under his watch and some of the peasants believe it was a wolf.  Sir Hugh is not convinced as there is not much blood and the man’s shoes are missing.  As he sets out to investigate this matter a number of strange things are happening and some folks are acting suspiciously. 

I really enjoyed this medieval read.  I liked the descriptions of medieval life, medicine, and being inside Hugh’s head as he tries to unravel this mystery before the lord of the castle comes home.  He is also in want of a wife and it was very interesting to read his thoughts as he journals them to us.  This is the second book in this series and the first one I have read, however this in no way affected my reading enjoyment.   I would like to continue reading more about Sir Hugh as this book ended on a very curious note.   I received my copy for an honest review from The Book Club Network, Inc. and the opinions are my own.

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