Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Someone Like You by Karen Rock


Someone Like You by Karen Rock was a sweet romance about two former best friends who reconnect after life has crushed them a bit.  Niall, a former soldier, is home now after a devastating mission and that has left him altered both physically and emotionally.  Kayleigh has just broken things off with her fiancé and has quit her high end job as a software developer.  Not wanting to be hurt again and also wanting to set out on her own she comes up with an idea for an app to help others find their compatible mates.  Kayleigh needs Niall’s skill as a programmer to pull this off.   With a little bit of a Beauty and the Beast vibe running through the story and the help of Kayleigh’s grandfather and his senior citizen friends, Kayleigh wants to help Niall come out of his shell and become the friend she knew him to be when they were kids.  However, the path to true love is not as easy as the app makes it sound plus they are facing many obstacles and dark secrets. Can Niall and Kayleigh pull off their business and love?  I liked the input of the senior citizens at the assisted living home where Kayleigh’s grandfather lived and their view of life.  I enjoyed this tale and look forward to more by the author Karen Rock.  This is a clean read and has no language.  I received this book from the author however the opinions are my own.

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