Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Review: The War of Words by Amy Neftzger

War of Words is a fantasy novel I would say for tweens and up.  However, even younger children would find this story interesting if mom or dad read it to them.  There is a war going on between the king’s army and the sorcerer and his shadows.  There is a bit of violence and the shadows are creepy so that might scare younger readers.  This story was interesting on its lessons about words and how powerful they are.  The old saying of “sticks and stones” definitely does not fit into this book.  Words are powerful and can cause great good or great harm.  We seem to have two main groups of people, Kelsey and Eric on the battlefield and their visits to town, and the three students: Nicholas, Maggie, Jovan, the old sorcerer Moss, the headmaster Taro, and a very hungry, itchy gargoyle by the name of Newton all at the academy.  With the help of magical like animals Megan, a snow leopard and Roland a fox like creature rounds out this cast of characters.
Trying to end the war with the evil sorcerer who has been confusing the entire town and the soldiers with what is reality and what isn’t; our team of heroes set out to find a rumored book that no one can read that supposedly has the power to end this war of words.  I enjoyed this fantasy novel and I really liked how the story was focused on words and how we use them and the power that they can yield.  This was good story with timely lessons to be learned.

I received a copy for an honest review from iRead Book Tours and the opinions are my own honest ones.

Book Description for The War of Words: Sometimes there's no better way to understand reality than through fantasy, and the best way to find truth may be in a book - if you can find the right one.

Battles against darkness, a quest for truth, and a search for the book that no one can read are all part of the fantasy adventure in The War of Words. As an evil sorcerer wages war by using mysterious shadows and seeks to gain control by confusing the residents as to what's real and what isn't, the fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of Kelsey and Nicholas.

As the youngest officer in the king's army, Kelsey fights the evil sorcerer s shadows on the battlefield as she explores the kingdom searching for the key to winning the war. Nicholas, a young sorcerer in training who is mastering his craft, discovers how the right words can change the course of the future.

Explore an enchanted maze, uncover the power of words, and learn about friendship in this whimsical tale.

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Author's Bio:

Amy Neftzger is the author of fiction books for both adults and children. She has also been published in business and academic journals, as well as literary publications.

A few of her favorite things include traveling, books, movies, art, the Oxford comma, and gargoyles.

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