Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review: Deadlock by Diann Mills

I enjoyed reading Deadlock by DiAnn Mills greatly.  It is the story of Special Agent Bethany Sanchez of the FBI and her new partner Special Agent Thatcher Graves as they investigate the murder of Alicia Javon.  In order to do this they must first determine whether the murder was simply made to resemble another murder that took place three weeks prior, but actually has no connection with it whatsoever (as Bethany believes); or if it is the work of a serial killer (as Thatcher believes).  These agents must learn to overcome their differences in order to solve this murder, but it might just be impossible for them to do this because they have so many.  Bethany is analytical and by the book, Thatcher is a maverick and prefers to follow his gut instinct; however, they do try their hardest to overcome these differences which I found rather refreshing.  Often when you read a book about two characters who do not like each other they try their best to be a hindrance to the other, but that was not the case in this book as Bethany and Thatcher really do try their best to work together and be good partners.

The one problem I had with this story is that the dialogue was rather spontaneous.  The characters will randomly go from discussing one thing to suddenly changing the subject and talking about something totally different.  I understand that Thatcher is a very spontaneous character and so would probably speak in this way, but I still found it a little hard to follow at some parts.
On a whole I really liked this book.  I found it interesting and suspenseful.  It also put me in the mind of the TV show Forever and believe that fans of Forever would probably enjoy this book (I know I did).

I received a copy for an honest review from The Book Club Network, Inc. and the opinions are my own honest ones.

Reviewed by Nicki

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