Monday, June 13, 2022

Cover Reveal: Rage Like the Gods by Nicki Chapelway

Welcome to another cover reveal by author Nicki Chapelway. But before I show you the amazing cover, here is the blurb:




The end that was foretold has come.
The gods selected five heroes to save everything.
They chose poorly.

Ruskhazar is a land of mountains and magic; men and elves. Built atop a fallen civilization, the bodies of demigods, and the tombs of the old monsters it knows a tenuous peace. However, there are those that believe that not all that is buried should remain so. A powerful cult of necromancers is bent on bringing about the prophesied end of the world. If left unchallenged their army of corpses will only grow, until nothing can stop them and the living fall to their own ancestors. To forestall this end, the gods have chosen mortal champions who will fight against these necromancers.

A bandit turned assassin.
A bard turned thief.
A noble turned student.
A mercenary turned vampire.

These are the would-be heroes of Ruskhazar.

One will go on to be a killer of kings. One will discover the darkest secrets of the Academy of Magickers. One will serve a queen of thieves. And another will always remain a monster. Together, they can save Ruskhazar. But that is only if they choose to accept their fates.

Unfortunately, these champions are just strangers on their separate paths, unaware of each other’s presence. And unwilling to save a world that never had any place for them. Perhaps destiny had lofty plans for these individuals, but they are determined to write their own stories. Forget the gods, forget necromancers, forget the mad sorceress determined to unite them and save the world no matter the cost— this isn’t their story. This is the tale of the heroes who never were.

Welcome to the world of Ruskhazar where men and elves live under the illusion of peace, magic is a mysterious entity of its own, and the dead never remain that way for long. Gods and men clash in this romantic high fantasy series that is perfect for fans of Michael J. Sullivan, J.R.R. Tolkien, and those that always wanted a cleaner Game of Thrones.

Now the Reveal:

Feast your eyes on this beauty:

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