Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Review: Second Chance for the Single Dad by Carol Ross


She’ll save him a dance…

…if he follows his heart.

Dance teacher Camile Wynn has a new student. Reclusive Rhys McGrath is learning to waltz so he can take his orphaned niece to a father-daughter dance. Camile is surprised by her connection with him, but there’s a generous heart behind Rhys’s awkward exterior. When she learns Rhys could lose custody of his niece, Camile goes behind his back to help him…but will her lies end up hurting him instead?

My Thoughts:

This was a sweetly, romantic story about two people that were very likable and captured my attention. Rhys is an attractive single dad to his niece, whom he would like to keep raising. He is in a custody battle with Willow's aunt so he has to be especially well behaved. However, Rhys is a very private and a very literal person. He won't lie, not sure he can, and his interactions with other people leave him less then desired and his social skills are just not there. This leads to all manor of false hoods and rumors about him, all of them bad.

Wanting to do something nice for his niece, he decides to take dance lessons. He has hired Camile Wynn to be his instructor. Problem is, they have met before only he doesn't remember. She does and that meeting has haunted her. Camile is very sensitive over that and doesn't really want to be around Rhys but she needs the money. She is still extremely attracted to him and cannot understand what happened when they first met for their blind date.

Rhys is a one woman man and he falls pretty hard for Camile. Camile gets him and can calm him down unlike anyone before. I really enjoyed their chemistry and their connection. Camile really did understand Rhys which was a major quality he was looking for. And once he found her, he was going to do anything possible to keep her. Cue in the romance, and boy did he score big...

Despite their misunderstandings, they do find their way to their soul mates. Looking forward to more by author Ross.

I received a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to leave a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

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