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Review: Faceoff by Rebecca Connolly, Heather B. Moore, and Sophia Summers

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About the Book:

She isn’t supposed to want him. He isn’t supposed to want her. But wanting each other is inevitable.

Clint McCarthy has finally achieved his dream of playing for a professional hockey program, and is eager to make his mark with his new team. While getting settled in his new city, he happens across Bree Stone, whom he has known for years, with their respective brothers both being in the famed Belltown Six Pack. But for the life of him, he can’t remember Bree ever looking so attractive. Or being so captivating. Or taking over his every waking thought.

In the middle of her graduate degree, Bree has no time or desire for working on her dating life, or lack thereof, but the impossibly handsome Clint McCarthy coming back into her life makes everything complicated. She shouldn’t be focusing on him, or on them, not when her professional future hangs in the balance. But once she hears about Clint’s past with the Northbrook Hockey Elite program, and where that program stands now, Bree just might find a way to make her career, and a future with Clint, come to life.

Welcome to Northbrook Hockey Elite!

Six professional hockey players used to play on an elite club team together, but have all separated and now play in the pro-hockey leagues. Not all of them were friends, yet circumstances bring them together, and for the greater good, maybe they can put aside their differences.

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Northbrook Hockey Elite Series:

My Thoughts:

This was a very cute and romantic story about two old friends who come to see each other as more. We get to see their relationship and their romance blossom over time and over their dates. They certainly do not rush anything and the authors prolong their first kiss till you as the reader are about ready to jump out of your skin.

I like that this was not an angsty book and that their relationship was healthy and hopeful. The problems that they faced they worked together on and that was a refreshing read.

This is also a romance that takes place around sports. Specifically hockey which I know next to nothing about. But that's ok, I came for the romance anyway. 

This is the start of a new series that focuses on 6 guys from a club they grew up in called Northbrook Hockey Elite. I look forward to more of these men's stories and their journey to happily ever after with their lady loves.

I received a copy of this novel from the authors. I was not required to post  a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Authors:

Rebecca Connolly

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Rebecca Connolly writes romances, both period and contemporary, because she absolutely loves a good love story. She has been creating stories since childhood, and there are home videos to prove it! She started writing them down in elementary school and has never looked back. She currently lives in the Midwest, spends every spare moment away from her day job absorbed in her writing, and is a hot cocoa addict.

Heather B. Moore

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Heather B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty publications. Her historical novels and thrillers are written under pen name H.B. Moore. She writes women's fiction, romance and inspirational non-fiction under Heather B. Moore. This can all be confusing, so her kids just call her Mom. Heather attended Cairo American College in Egypt, the Anglican School of Jerusalem in Israel, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University in Utah. Heather is represented by Dystel, Goderich, and Bourret.

Email list:

Sophia Summers

Sophia Summers is an award winning author who just wants to relax a little and enjoy a great beach read. She lives in a quiet southern town brimming with an extra dose of hospitality and a whole lot of charm.
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She writes historical romance under a different name. You can follow her on Be SURE to join her Newsletter for freebies and fun. 

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