Saturday, September 29, 2018

Weekend Briefing

Welcome back, agents! Get ready for some declassification....

First off, next week marks the marathon week of Mind of Darkness! That means that, starting Monday and ending Saturday, there will be a new chapter posted every day! Everything is coming to a head- and now you don't have to wait to see how it all goes down.

Mind of Darkness

Emily Rogers is ready for a summer that doesn't involve being cast away on islands ore being chased around the globe. So when she's invited to an elite pre-college class along with her boyfriend, she jumps at the chance. But things are not all they seem at the Yin Program. Students are disappearing, and someone seems to be toying with their minds...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Charisa O'Dell is anticipating a summer of romance and adventure with her crime-fighting partner. But she never expects that they'll be kidnapped and taken to an underground bunker to be guinea pigs to a mad scientist named Jin Yin. Most shocking of all, she learns that they are not the only super humans in the world...

Somehow, Emily and Charisa have to break out of the prisons imposed upon them to decipher the conspiracy before their minds are enslaved by the darkness within...

Also, the final illustrations are coming in for Kristian Clark and the Agency Trap, Book 2.5!

Ruptured Reality

I'd tell you I love you... But then you'd make me change the baby's diaper.

Kristian Clark can go undercover for months on end, combat multiple enemies at once, and even teleport through dimensions. He should be ready for everything. But having a newborn child... is a little outside his skill set.

And the universe isn't ready for little Shannon either. The tentative layers of the universe begins to peel apart and his adopted son gets pulled through a portal in the hospital.

Along with an angry wife and a reunited best friend, Kristian travels the dimensions to find his son and somehow find a way to save reality without giving up his little girl.

Also includes seven other stories.

All profit goes to charity

Coming November 1!

Book Video:

And now, because Halloween is almost here...

Wolf Claw

Wolf Claw:

Jane Delane has always lived an unusual life, having survived a freak wolf accident and then growing up in the woods, completely sequestered from 1920s society. But as her seventeenth birthday draws near, her life becomes even more unusual when her father falls ill and her brother goes missing. When she decides to go searching for her absentee sibling, she joins leagues with a werewolf hunter named Amos Hood. Together they plunge into a world completely new to her- all the while she begins to learn of a darker one that has haunted her since childhood. And as she continues her hunt for her brother, it soon becomes apparent that something is hunting her.

Book Video:

Join us next time, agents, for more fun and special missions! Until then, try not to do anything that might get you brain-wiped. Ciao!

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