Monday, November 28, 2016

Review: Storm by Bonnie S. Calhoun


Selah's mind and life are beginning to fracture. Can she complete the Third Protocol before it's too late?

As Selah and her companions mourn the loss of those who died in the Mountain, they are faced with a new threat. Selah must complete the Third Protocol before she fractures and loses herself completely. All clues lead to the West, but what will they find when they get there? The other side of the mountains holds unknown perils--volcanic ash, dangerous storms, and strange new settlements that could hold the keys to Selah's quest . . . or lead to her destruction. 

The clock is ticking and Selah's abilities are growing--along with the list of those out for her blood. Selah must find the strength within herself to keep going and complete the mission for which so many have sacrificed so much.

But have she and her companions pinned their hopes on nothing more than a legend? 

My Review:

In anticipation for reading this book I reread the first book and then read the second, I also read the two eBooks Aftershock and Surge.  I would advise reading these books in order, and even if you have read the other books (unless you have an exceptional memory) to go back and read them because this is a highly complex story.  The world is diverse and very interesting and the characters are equally so.  In this book you are treated to a new cast of characters- many who are returning from previous books- but I did miss some of the old characters from the previous books (namely Cleon who was one of my favorite characters).

As with the other books in this story, no one is safe and I highly advise that you do not grow too attached to any of the characters.  This book does have some violence, but it is not quite as graphic as the first two books.

My favorite character was Bodhi who I felt wasn’t in this book all that much- at least not for the first three quarters of the book.  Basically he was reduced to the pilot who drove and made repairs and that was it (even some characters in the book itself said he was useless which made me upset with those characters because Bodhi is not useless he is more than capable of defending himself and Selah even with the loss of his “super powers” so I just wish they would have given him a break and allowed him to do more stuff in the story).  Selah was just as stubborn and determined to put her life in danger as ever and I found it annoying that no one put up a fight (except for Bodhi who everyone ignored) when she decided to go on dangerous missions even though she was the most important member of the crew- the one everyone else was sworn to protect- and so should not have been allowed to go on dangerous missions no matter how much she protested.

Another problem I had with this story was that I felt that, the things that were supposed to be easy were too hard, and the things that were supposed to be difficult were too easy.  I was not satisfied with the conclusion to the mystery of Bodhi’s past and would have definitely liked to have seen it go in other directions.

The ending was satisfactory- though the explanation did leave me just the slightest bit confused- but still leaves an opening for other books in this series which I hope the author will explore because I still have some unanswered questions.

I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher.  I was not required to give a positive review and all views expressed are my own.

Reviewed by Nicki

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