Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: Honor Redeemed by Christine Johnson

Honor Redeemed

I have been really looking forward to Honor Redeemed by author Christine Johnson since I had read the excerpt in Love’s Rescue.  Honor is the second book in the Keys of Promise series and is a story that really wrenched my heart.  This tells the tale of two young people who are desperately in love with each other and make promises to wait for one another until the time is right for marriage.  Unfortunately, two years have passed and some really painful, though maybe unwise decisions have been made.  Hearts are broken, dreams are dashed, and lives are caught up in painful tentacles of lies.  I was rooting for the characters, feeling for them, and wondered how the author was going to resolve some painful circumstances.  We are also caught up with characters from the first in the series, though this story reads quite well as a standalone.  Now that I have read the excerpt of the third in this series, I must now go back to patiently waiting again.  I have really enjoyed this series.  My thanks go to Revell Publishing from providing me with a copy for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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