Sunday, July 3, 2016

Review: Gone to Ground by Brandilyn Collins

Gone to Ground was my first book by author Brandilyn Collins, and it certainly was very different from the books I am accustomed to reading.  Lately I have been reading a lot of suspense/thriller books.  However this book was not as suspense filled as I had at first anticipated, instead I would consider it more of a psychological thriller.  It is the story of a small town named Amaryllis that is being plagued by a serial killer, in the past three years the killer has claimed five victims- all women, all living alone, and all found stuffed in  their closets after the murder- and just recently a sixth victim has been found.  The inhabitants of this town do not know what to think.  Amaryllis is a small town with only a population of 1,700, everyone knows each other.  The murderer must be someone from a nearby city, who comes to Amaryllis to commit the murders and then leaves.  The murderer couldn’t possibly be a resident of this town where everyone is either friends, neighbors, or related…

…Except three women believe that the murderer is from their town- someone close to them, and all three of these women have incriminating evidence showing who the killer is.  The only problem is that the different evidence all points to different men.  The first of these women is Cherrie Mae Devine a sixty-two year old housecleaner.  While cleaning the mayor’s house she finds a ring in his possession- a ring that was being worn by the last murder victim the day she was killed.  The second person is Tully Phillips, seven months pregnant, who suspects her husband to be the killer after he arrives home from work late the night of the murder.  The last of these women is Deena Ruckland an independent, thirty-two year old hair dresser who believes the murderer to be her mentally challenged brother Stevie who showed up at her house the night of the murder covered in a substance that eerily resembled blood.

On a whole I found this book fast paced and had it finished the day after starting reading it.  I was kept at the edge of my seat the entire time not knowing who to believe the murderer was.  The one issue I did have with this book, though, is that I did not like how much divorce was in it.  I just wished they could have worked through things.

My thanks go to The Book Club Network, Inc. for providing me with a copy for an honest review.  The opinions are my own.

Reviewed by Nicki

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