Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review: The Time I Saved the World by Jes Drew

This is the third book in my daughter's Ninja and Hunter series, and it goes out with a bang.  Out of all of the books this one is my favorite and brings the series to a close nicely.  Coming in at a whopping 434 pages, I read this in just two days.  The following is my review, I will keep it as spoiler free as possible.

The Time I Saved the World pretty much picks up about 6 months from where the second book leaves off.  Now that Charisa’s powers are known to her parents, she has begun working with her father and Villain Hunter to become stronger and smarter when using her powers.  However, someone has noticed Charisa from the beginning, and has been actively keeping watch on her.  After some suspicious robberies, secrets best hidden come out and a criminal unlike any Charisa has gone up against before, puts the whole world in danger.
With writing that makes you feel for the characters, wondering who can be trusted and who can’t, a touch of romance, and a teen girl just trying to do her best and see where she fits in this world, I could not put this book down till the very exciting conclusion. 

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