Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: Never-Ending Night by Tanya Stowe


Never-Ending Night by Tanya Stowe captured my attention from the first page and I had a hard time putting it down until I read the very last page.  During a reenactment of a Civil War battle, photographer Stacy Sutton captures in pictures a mysterious man coming out of the smoke.  No one knows who this wounded man is or where he came from.  Not only that, but he says that he is T.R. Sheridan, a man who was killed during the Battle of Shiloh which was the battle being reenacted.  As Stacy feels a connection with Tyler (T.R. Sheridan) she is finding out some very disturbing information.  Not only does he not recall what happened on the field or how he got there, he is very disturbed by the modern world.  He says he is from the past, but is time travel really possible?  Not only are Stacy and Tyler trying to find answers, so are a few others that may not be so trustworthy.  I really did not know which way the author was going to take this story but I had a fun time reading it.  You will just have to read the book yourself to find out how this fast paced story answers the time travel question.  I received this book from The Book Club Network, Inc. (TBCN) and the opinions are my own.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post a review of Never Ending Night!
    I'm so glad I kept you guessing!

  2. Your Welcome. I read both of your books in a couple of days. I had a hard time putting either down.