Monday, August 15, 2016

Review: Summer House Party by Regina Scott, Donna Hatch, and Sarah M. Eden

Summer House Party

Summer House Party is the fourth in the Timeless Regency Series and includes three more novellas, this time taking place at summer house parties.  I have been immensely been enjoying these novellas, and this one is no different; however I think I enjoyed the predecessors a little bit more.

In An Engagement of Convenience by author Regina Scott, we are introduced to an impoverished cousin by the name of Kitty Chapworth.  She plays the chaperone to her cousins and makes sure their suitors have their best intentions towards them.  Though her selfish, cruel uncle ill uses her she has made herself as content as possible.  It is at the summer party for her last remaining single cousin that she comes face to face with Quentin Adair, whom her father and elder cousin had a hand in almost ruining 10 years prior.  Kitty also had a hand in the situation and has carried great guilt around.  Now they meet again and Quentin enlists Kitty to be his pretend fiancĂ© to help her out of her dire circumstances and he can go undercover to see what her uncle has planned for his family.  Let the shenanigans begin.  This was a fun story and my favorite of the three.

I have mixed feelings on A Mixed Match by Donna Hatch.  I have always enjoyed this author’s work and I did like this story overall, however it was not a finished story.  This couple’s journey continues in a full length book which is good and bad.  The bad in that I thought I was receiving a completed novella.  Yes, you could just reach the end of this story and leave at the happily ever after ending, but I know that that is not the end.  Also, their book seems to be a little depressing in nature due to some events that take place and may not be as lighthearted as I would like for this couple.  The good is that I enjoy Ms. Hatch’s writing very much and I am intrigued as to how she handles this couples’ story in A Perfect Secret. The villain is cruel and I do plan on reading the rest of their story just too finally see how everything ends up.

The Pauper’s House Party by Sarah Eden was an interesting novella in that this particular house party was thrown just for the much poorer of the elite.  The very wealthy benefactors had no children nor did they like their relatives so they have a house party to pick a person worthy of their estate.  This entails a lot of back stabbing and bickering among the guests and almost seems too cruel.  However, there are a few who find that riches are not the best gift after all.  True love trumps it all. 

I received a copy for an honest review from I Am a Reader and the opinions are my own.

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