Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: All Summer Long by Melody Carlson

All Summer Long by Melody Carlson is a sweet summer read.  I would put it under the category of chick lit and romance as that was basically what the whole book was about.  There was no antagonist in this book.  No bad guy for the good guy to fight, which was very different for me.  I found it new and refreshing as this was the first time I read a book like this leisurely.

This is the story of Tia D’Amico who is a budding chef growing tired of her mundane job at her family owned restaurant.  When her aunt calls her up and offers to hire her to be the chef for a deluxe yacht that she is planning on fixing up Tia jumps at the opportunity.  However bad news awaits her in San Francisco and she learns that her uncle has had a heart attack and needs surgery.  Now the job of restoring the yacht rests solely on the shoulders of Tia and Leo, the only boy she has ever really been attracted to.  Leo also happens to be recently engaged to Natalie, like the nicest person ever, if a little pushy.

I found the characters interesting and realistic, and I must warn you: Tia will make you hungry as she describes both the food she eats and the food she makes.  I got a severe case of the munchies while reading this book.  I found it to be a quick read and had it done in a day.  However, I would have liked a more active dialogue in the story instead of it being described passively.  My thanks go to Revell Publishing for providing me with a copy for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Reviewed by Nicki

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