Saturday, April 16, 2016

Review: Pseudonym by Dennis E. Hensley and Diana Savage

Pseudonym was a book that I wasn’t really sure what I was walking into.  At first I thought this was going to be a violent story, so I braced myself for that, but it did not turn out like that.  This is a book about a young woman by the name of Shelia Davis who wakes up on her birthday (she is now in her 30’s) and realizes that she has not lived the life that she has wanted.  She is very depressed, and I would be too considering her life.   First off, her father had to raise her and her two brothers alone after his wife’s death, and he certainly had some notions as to a woman’s role in life.  Shelia benefited from her English teacher’s loving hand, especially since she needed a mother’s role model.   With Mrs. Parks help, Shelia is able to take a writing course over the summer at a local college.  While there, she meets her husband Dan Gray.  As a reader, we see all the warning signs, but Shelia feels so trapped at home and thinks a marriage to Dan would be an escape.  Even her overbearing father sees Dan for who he really is.   So that is where we meet Shelia, in a dead end job and in a marriage filled with empty promises with Dan.

Through a series of meetings and some bizarre circumstances, Shelia is able to emerge as a famous author and fulfill her dream of writing.  I will not go into detail to how that all happens, though it was interesting and sad at the same time.  This was not a favorite read of mine, I really hated reading how the two most important men treated Shelia, all the deception, and as a romance junkie, I was really hoping for more of a resolution in that category.   My thanks go to The Book Club Network, Inc. for providing me with a copy for an honest review.  The opinions are my own honest ones.

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