Saturday, February 9, 2019

Weekend Briefing

Welcome back, agents! Just some quick updates.

Heart of Steel now has four chapters published on Wattpad.

Also, two of my other Wattpad books recently won a few awards.

"Marina Ivanov, PI" won both second place in the Blue Rose mystery/thriller category and second place in the overall favorite category!

And Fists of Injustice won first place in the action category of the Blue Rose awards! 

Also, Mission Head just finished the first wave of edits for Agents Adam and Eve. Planning on doing one more read-through, plus alpha reader and editor input.

And here's an excerpt:

So, you really mangled your hand, sir.”
I nod absently as the honorary junior member of the council/Dr. Neber’s assistant slides my mangled hand onto regeneration table and then moves the lid down over it.
Was she hot?”
Surprised, I look up at the young man as he focuses on my hand.
He clears his throat. “I mean, it must have been a woman who did this. A hot one. No one else could’ve out-manuevered such an awesome agent like yourself.”
I study the lad who is perhaps older than I originally gave him credit for- twenty-one, maybe? Then I feel my mouth stretch into a wry smile- a rare feeling in this place. Have I ever smiled in this place? “Well, there was a woman involved. Distracted me long enough to get shot.”
The lad grins, the kind of sincere thing that is so rare in this place that takes over his own face and causes his silver-hued eyes to glow. “Knew it.”

Coming April 16! 

Lots of great books coming out this spring from a lot of agency allies. Which ones are you most excited for? Por favor comenta.

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