Saturday, February 2, 2019

Weekend Briefing

Welcome back, agents! Some exciting news for this week:

The Mind of Darkness Blog Tour has begun! Be sure to check out the stops:

February 1st:

February 3rd: 

February 4th:  

February 4th:

February 9th: 

So, we'd better see you there...

Also, the first couple chapters of Heart of Steel have been released on Wattpad!

If you have to run and read it now, the Agency will understand (maybe not Mission Head, though, so you should probably finish reading this blog post and then run).

And, now, an excerpt from WIP, Agents Adam and Eve (currently in Alpha Phase):


I give my best CEO smile to Rhyan as we stride into the Amerio ball in attempt to hide my nervousness. Not nervous so much because the woman of my dreams is draped over my arm, or that her potential assassin is behind us, or even that if I blow this ball mission, both the NEOs and my dad will be after me.
No, I’m nervous because she’s met my father. She knows a part of me that I wish she never had to see.
All around us, couples in evening dress dance and talk. Then Rhyan stops dancing.
I nearly freeze with the fear. Then Rhyan leans toward me and whispers, “Dance with me.”

Coming April 16!

So stay active and alert, agents. You never know what might happen next. Until next time- or the next comment-  Ciao!

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