Saturday, March 31, 2018

Weekend Briefing by Jes Drew

Weekend Briefing

Welcome back, agents, and happy Easter! Anyway, I called you here today to get cleared on an upcoming mission project. That is, the re-releasing of the Ninja and Hunter series with new covers.

It is always sad saying goodbye to old things, so agents have one week to purchase The Time I Saved the Day with its old cover, designed by Mission Head herself.

But it is also exciting to move on to new things, so agents have only one week to wait before The Time I Saved the Day appears with its new cover, designed by Y. Nikolova at Ammonia Covers.

The Time I Saved the Day

High school sophomore, Charissa O’Dell, has enough to do between homework, karate, and an upcoming school dance. However, when she is accidentally endowed with superhuman abilities, she adds one more thing to the list: crime fighting. Crime is a lot more complicated than her comics make it seem, and she finds herself relying more and more on the mysterious Villain Hunter, who somehow shares several of her superhuman powers. Even so, the more she infiltrates the world of crime, the more she attracts the attention of the criminals. Will she be able to survive her attempt to save the day?

Re-launching April 7 to all major online booksellers

Also coming soon…


Emily Rogers hoped her most dangerous days were behind her when she escaped from the Island. But soon she realizes that trying to figure out her relationship with Christopher Williams and dodging nosy reporters are the least of her worries. The evil they encountered on the Island is hunting them down.

Once again torn away from her parents and normal life, Emily and her cousins, along with Christopher and Oto and a handful of allies, must flee through Europe. To be caught would mean certain death, but how long can one keep ahead of the powers that be?

Coming April 16 to all major online booksellers

Join us next time, agents, for an interview with Agents Ninja, Villain Hunter, and O’Dell as we celebrate the relaunching of their debut book. Until them, don’t do anything that might get you brain-wiped. Ciao!

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