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Review: Keturah by Lisa T. Bergren


In 1772 England, Lady Keturah Banning Tomlinson and her sisters find themselves the heiresses of their father's estates and know they have one option: Go to the West Indies to save what is left of their heritage.

Although it flies against all the conventions, they're determined to make their own way in the world. But once they arrive in the Caribbean, conventions are the least of their concerns. On the infamous island of Nevis, the sisters discover the legacy of the legendary sugar barons has vastly declined-and that's just the start of what their eyes are opened to in this harsh and unfamiliar world.

Keturah never intends to put herself at the mercy of a man again, but every man on the island seems to be trying to win her hand and, with it, the ownership of her plantation. She could desperately use an ally, but even an unexpected reunion with a childhood friend leaves her questioning his motives.

To keep her family together and save the plantation that is her last chance at providing for them, can Keturah ever surrender her stubbornness and guarded heart to God and find the healing and love awaiting her?

My Thoughts:

Keturah, what an adventure it was to embark with you from England and to travel with you to the island of Nevis.

Taking place during 1772, Keturah and her two sisters decide their only option left to them after the death of their father, is to sail to their plantation of Tabletop on the island of Nevis. Their fortunes are dwindling and their only hope is to see about getting the plantation up and running and prosperous again.

Keturah, who is a widow, has vowed to never marry again after enduring a cruel marriage with her now late husband. She was a stubborn woman, and that stubbornness was born out of necessity. Enter childhood friend Gray Covington, second son, who is also sailing to the same island to revive his family’s plantation and to make his own fortune.

Gray was such an endearing character, a changed man from his younger carefree years. He has learned much and has turned from his old ways after a certain pivotal point in his life: the marriage of his closest friend Keturah. His love for her was beautiful to read about, his patience and his understanding of her new found independence, and in his wooing of her. There are some really poignant scenes in this novel but the one that really got to me is when Gray finally comes to himself and sees what a fool he has been.

Keturah as stated above is a very stubborn woman. I really at times became frustrated with her at her reluctance and cold shoulder towards Gray when all he wanted to do was to protect her. However author Bergren does give us hints of her earlier marriage with her late cruel husband that would certainly shape and distort Keturah’s views of all men. Not to mention the secrets her father kept hidden from them that he thought would never see the light of day or the treatment these women received at the hands and prejudices of the other men on the island which all in turn shaped her view of men.

This was a really good read. I was awed with author Bergren’s weaving of her story. I look forward to the rest of the series.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.

About the Author:

Lisa T. Bergren has published more than 40 books with more than 3 million books sold combined. She's the author of the Christy Award-winning "Waterfall," RITA®-finalist "Firestorm," bestselling "God Gave Us You," and popular historical series like Homeward, Grand Tour, and more. She's also a recipient of the RT Lifetime Achievement Award. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and three teen-and-older children.

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