Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review: A Love So True by Melissa Jagears


Evelyn Wisely loves working at the local orphanage, but her heart can't ignore the women of Teaville who are also in need. Her boss is willing to help build a shelter for them, but only if she gains the cooperation and financial support of other local businessmen.

While David Kingsman plans to stay in Teaville just long enough to get his father's business back on solid ground, he's intrigued by Evelyn's cause and finds himself more invested with each passing day.

Will their plans and partnership fall apart when confronted with all that is stacked against them, or can they trust in God's plan despite it all?

My Thoughts:

A Love So True by author Melissa Jagears is the second in her series the Teaville Moral Society and is filled with just as much heart and feeling as the first one.  I really enjoyed getting to know Evelyn Wisely better, what made her tick and what made her so standoffish to men and opposed to marriage.  I enjoyed her passion in her life’s work as she struggled to better the lives of the children of prostitutes and how she tried to help their mothers as well.  She was a most devoted daughter to her aging parents yet she carried a secret burden for so long that she ended up closing herself off to the world.

David Kingsman was a hero that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about. He was an all-around likable and genuinely happy man.  He was someone that always seemed to see life as the cup is half full and you couldn’t help just feeling better with the encounters you had with him. He stepped in when no one else would, he understood things before others and I enjoyed watching his romantic pursuit of Evelyn even when she was so standoffish with him.  He was a wealthy man who definitely had burdens of his own especially in his relationship with his father.  On top of that, he could cook and he liked to; the icing on the cake.

There were many ups and downs in this novel on the road to true love, some that near broke my heart. But as I closed the book I did so with a happy and contented sigh and a smile on my face.  I look forward to whatever adventure author Jagears sends our way next.

I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher.  I was not required to post a positive review and all the views and opinions expressed are my own. 

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