Saturday, April 11, 2015

Review: The Creole Princess by Beth White

Beth White writes historical fiction just the way I like them.  This is her second book and the first one I have read.  I really savored this one and there were a number of times I had a smile on my face with this read.  I was absolutely delighted with the two main characters, Rafael Gonzolez our Spaniard and Lyse Lanier who is part French, black, and Native American.  I enjoyed their banter and sassiness with each other and watching their love story unfold during the period of the Revolutionary War.  I also liked learning the historical information on what was going on down south, especially in Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida while the colonists were declaring their independence and going to war with England.  This was not only Rafael’s and Lyse’s story but also a story of their extended family and of their friendships.  There is a couple of secondary love stories as well as some of Lyse’s family drama due to the fact that she comes from a very unique family tree.  This story also sheds light on people’s prejudice of the time against others of different color and background and touches on the topic of slavery and of the spying that was taking place.  All in all, this one is a keeper for me and I plan to go back and read The Pelican Bride and any future works by Beth White.  I received my copy for an honest review from Revell.  The opinions stated are my own.

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