Saturday, January 5, 2019

Cover Reveal: A Winter Grim and Lonely by Nicki Chapelway

Welcome! You are certainly in for a treat today, especially if you like retellings of fairy tales.  Today I have our very own Nicki Chapelway's cover reveal for her newest book. If you have read her first book in the series Winter Cursed, you know what a treat you are in for. 

In fact, Winter Cursed is FREE to own on Kindle today! So get your copy before the price goes back up. (It will also be free in KU). (Amazon has not yet put up the new cover, that is why the cover difference.) 

Mirror… Mirror…

Elisabeth is cursed. Her kingdom is locked in an eternal winter. And her stepmother Ismena has stolen her throne. When Ismena comes to kill her, Elisabeth is forced to flee to the only place her stepmother cannot reach her.

All must fall…

Deep in the heart of a dangerous forest, teeming with unbridled magic and fearsome beasts, Elisabeth is faced with a choice. She knows what she must do to end this winter. Kill her stepmother and reclaim the kingdom that should have been hers. But to do so, Elisabeth must either learn to control her powers over ice and snow- powers that she shares with her stepmother. Powers that are responsible for the eternal winter. Or she must put her life in the hands of the enemy.

Till I’m the fairest…

But can she truly trust the band of mercenary dwarfs who are offering to help her? And even if they don’t actually plan on killing her- can she trust their leader, the exiled Prince Cedric? A dark lord who also happens to be the son of the man she blames for her mother’s death.

Of them all.

With Ismena bent on killing her, and the dark prince bargaining for his freedom- the fate of a kingdom rests on Elisabeth’s choice. In this battle for love, power, beauty, and the right to rule- who will come out the victor?

And now I give you the cover book reveal of A Winter Grim and Lonely, which delves deeper into Ismena's past....


Mirror… Mirror….

Ismena is the queen of Alain and considered by all to be the fairest maiden in the land. She happily looks forward to the day when she will marry the love of her life and unite two of the three kingdoms that make up Illesya. That all changes when King Stephan, her fiance, falls in love with an ice nymph considered more fair than she.

In My Hand…

Scorned by the man she once loved, Ismena is driven by her need for vengeance. She makes a dangerous bargain with King Morren the dark lord who sits on the throne of the third kingdom Mooraven. With his help, she will bring Stephan down. She does not care who she has to double cross in the process, nor how many enemies she will have to make. But her plan for revenge crumbles around her when she finds that she cannot kill a young princess with Stephan’s eyes.

Who is the Fairest…

An eternal winter, a chance at a happy life, and a beautiful stepdaughter. The fate of three kingdoms will be decided.

In the Land?

This is the tale of how an ordinary girl became the wicked queen.

It will be released in e-book and paperback.

Coming sometime in mid-winter.

In the meantime, check out Nicki's new author site:

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