Monday, April 16, 2018

Special Weekday Briefing

Special Weekday Briefing

Welcome back, agents, on this conspicuous day. At long last, Castaways’ sequel, Fugitives is released. Agent Jones is joining us today to talk a bit about his fellow agents in the story.

Agent Jones: Hello, everyone. I decided to overcome my half-hermit ways in order to grace you all with my presence, since everyone knows I’m the heart and soul of Fugitives.

Me (clearing my throat): Actually, they wouldn’t know that yet, since it only released today.

Agent Jones: Right. Well, hurry up and read it so you can know. I can’t stand ignorance.

Me: Why don’t you tell us a bit about your friends?

Agent Jones: Friends. Right. I totally have those. Christopher would be my best friend, even though we’re completely different. I’m good with computers and technology and the ladies, and he’s horrible at the first two, and totally needs my help with the last category. But he’s rich and loyal, so I put up with him.

Me: I’m not so sure that’s the truth of the matter-

Agent Jones: Sure it is. Just ask his lady friend Emily. Shy as a mouse, that one, but I suppose she has a real backbone when she needs it. I don’t think she takes me a seriously as she should, though. But at least she keeps the munchkins out of my hair most of the time.

Me: And what about the twins?

Agent Jones: Well, I don’t particularly have an opinion one way or another with Oto. Christopher can’t stand him, but he doesn’t really bother me, so I’m cool.

Me: And his sister?

Agent Jones (staring dreamily into space): Hmm?...

Me: What do you have to say about Ata?

Agent Jones (still staring dreamily into space): Oh, she’s pretty pretty- I mean smart. I totally meant smart.  Pretty smart. And pretty…

Me: Agent Jones? Agent Jones!

Agent Jones (no answer).

Me: Well, it looks like we lost him. But you can find more about our agents in our latest release-


Emily Rogers hoped her most dangerous days were behind her when she escaped from the Island. But soon she realizes that trying to figure out her relationship with Christopher Williams and dodging nosy reporters are the least of her worries. The evil they uncovered on the Island is hunting them down. Once again torn away from their parents and normal life, Emily and her cousins along with Christopher and Oto and a handful of allies must flee through Europe. To be caught would mean certain death, but how long can one keep ahead of the powers that be?

Now Available on Amazon!

Join us Saturday, agents, for a schedule of upcoming mission events. Until then, try not to do anything to put Agent Jones into any more trances or that will get you brain-wiped. Ciao!

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