Monday, June 26, 2017

Review: Until the Day Breaks by Paula Scott

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Until the Day Breaks is the first book by author Paula Scott and the first in her series California Rising. This story was amazing and absolutely captured my attention and did not let it go. I often found myself thinking about the story even when I was not reading it.

This novel is about a Californian, Roman who is passionate and rebellious and has just come back from fighting against the Americans in Texas. Well we know how that war ended and now Roman is back home to lick his wounds only to find out that his fiancé has been married off to an American. However this American has a daughter, Rachel, who was living out east. Now to make stronger alliances between the two families, Rachel and Roman have been betrothed against both of their wishes.

This turbulent love/hate affair is made only more complicated as Rachel is a Christian and Roman is not. This story was also set against the very turbulent times of California’s history as the Americans are coming to claim and take the land. There was so much to this story, the characters, even the evil ones just leapt off the pages. There is some violence that was hard to stomach and there is a very evil spiritual thread as well. But through it all I relished the author’s writing of how passionate God the Father is for His children and how He pursues them.

Another lesson I picked up was just how much God wants to give us our hearts desires when it falls in line with His will. However, like Roman we sometimes have to wait for very good reasons. I do believe that if Roman received the “gift” he so desperately wanted that he would have destroyed the “gift” and his heart in the process. God’s timing is always best.

This is an adult read and a very realistic look at the history of California.  I look forward to continuing the series and reading anything else she writes.

I purchased this book for my own reading pleasure.

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